Not everyone can bring spinach dip. Somebody has to be the impressive one at the party, and this year, that person is going to be you. Try something new by trying your hand at these classic recipes from a variety of Latin American countries.

1. Pastel de Tres Leches

Pastel de Tres Leches is like somebody just decided one day, "Hey, let's make cake but let's make it more wonderful in all ways". A classic dessert in many parts of Latin America including Costa Rica, this is just a great choice because this is some great cake. And people will recognize. They may crown you emperor of the party. It's that good.

Tres Leches a traditional Costa Rican desert
Tres Leches a traditional Costa Rican desert

2. "Dessert de la Casa"

Desert de la casa is just one Guatemalan restaurant's take on dessert nachos, which will get you right at the name. The reality of the recipe is crazy simple. Cinnamon baked tortilla chips, drizzled chocolate, and ice cream. You really can't get that wrong. But you can get it so right.

Dessert de la CasaDessert de la CasaPhoto Credit : Revue

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3. Anise Churros & Chocolate Sauce

If you want to take a risk with your dessert, without the risk part, then churros are always a great option. Because everyone always loves them. There is basically zero percent chance that people will be unhappy with you. But if these people really really don't like you for some reason, a puppy in a sweater may also help.

ChurrosChurrosPhoto Credit : Agatha Chocolats

4. Empanadas de Chiverre - Winter Squash Turnovers

Empanadas are like hot pockets for the sophisticated. And these ones filled with hot winter squash will be like a tiny cornucopia of earthy winter class in your mouth. They're easy to grab, easy to eat, easy to be enamored by.

Chiverre EmpanadasChiverre EmpanadasPhoto Credit : nacarina

5. Brigadeiros

Hey, let's impress some people tonight. Let's get all dressed to the nines and wear uncomfortable shoes and figure out what pomade is and learn enough chords of a few christmas jazz tunes to get by, and then bring brigadeiros. Because bringing brigadeiros is like coming with a tie on. They're classy and delicate little Brazilian chocolate bon bons. Suddenly, your parents don't care if you came dressed in flannel when you are meeting your sister's fiancé, because it automatically seems like you tried.

BrigadeirosBrigadeirosPhoto Credit : DoGamella

6. Bizcochitos

The unofficial dessert of Mexico is just delightful. I don't know how you can't look at a plate full of the little happy shaped sugar cookies and be anything but warm and enchanted.

Bizcochitos in MexicoBizcochitos in MexicoPhoto Credit : FoodNetwork

7. Mexican Wedding Cakes

Mexican wedding cakes are a great on the fly oh-my-god-what-ingredients-do-we-have-in-the-house godsend. They only take around 6 six ingredients that are already kitchen staples, and taste like puffy little cookie whispers of promises of happiness and prosperity for the future in my little belly.

Mexican Wedding CakeMexican Wedding CakePhoto Credit : JoyOfBaking

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8. Cuchufli

Cuchufli is real fun to say but sometimes you forget when you're having so much fun dunking its smooth wafer filled with caramel into awesome chocolate sauce. In fact, it's easy to forget about everything else.

Cuchufili, ChileCuchufili, ChilePhoto Credit : CookieCompanion

9. Suspiro a la Limena

More of a pudding style dessert, the Peruvian suspiro has similar taste to dulce de leche, but a creamier, more pudding-like texture. It'll be looking classy in a stemmed glass with a cinnamon stick, and it will make that girl that brought that brought an average veggie tray wish she had made better life decisions, including that tattoo.

Suspiro Limeño, PerúSuspiro Limeño, PerúPhoto Credit : HermanVinole

10. Dulce de zapallo (candied squash)

An Ecuadorian favorite, dulce de zapallo features a squash cooked and basted in a thick brown sugar syrup. It would be a great way to dazzle people with fresh winter vegetables. Zapallo tastes great when paired with a slice of sharp cheese and some cinnamon sticks. Pair it with some cider and some smooth jazz and a sweater with a collared shirt underneath, and it tastes like winter magic.

Dulce de ZapalloDulce de ZapalloPhoto Credit : CocinaTipo