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Ticos or Costa Ricans take great satisfaction in not just the fact that they are one of the most stable Latin American countries, but they also take immense national pride in their high standard of living and education. A multicultural society with a mix of North Americans, blacks, Indians and Asians, Costa Rica’s indigenous influence is virtually nonexistent at around 1% of the total population.

Walk Around and See the Culture

Ticos in general are a very friendly people and mostly welcome visitors with open arms. And while most enjoy living ‘pura vida’, family is still very important here and remains the center of cultural life in Costa Rica. To get an up close and personal look at Costa Rica’s culture, take a walk though the markets or the central park in any town, where you will find a majority of Ticos up and about their business.

Learn Spanish and Take in the Culture

Try your hand at learning Spanish while in Costa Rica with many of the Intensive Language Schools. With home stay options available with local Tico families, learning Spanish provides you with an ideal alternative to understanding these wonderful people better. If dancing is your thing then consider taking a dance class and learning how to dance salsa like a Tico. Another wonderful way to experience Costa Rica’s rich culture is by taking a cooking class or visiting the many superb museums in San Jose like the Crime Museum, the National Museum, the Kids Museum and the Stamp Museum.

Explore the Country

Take an excursion and visit cities like Cartago, Alajuela and Heredia, or visit the historical ruins at Cachi. Another place worth going to are the mysterious stone spheres found on the Isla del Caño off the Osa Peninsula & Drake Bay. With origins from the early part of the century, no one really knows the purpose or why these stones were formed. Shown in the photo on the right, these mysterious spheres have long captured the attention of people from all over the world and many sphere replicas can be found littering the front lawns of some of the more expensive houses in San Jose.

The Art of Francisco Amighetti

Francisco Amighetti is one of the most famous artists in Costa Rican history. His seventy years of creation include more than 500 works that range from surrealist paintings to austere and primitive xylographs. It seems that fortunately for Costa Rica (and the whole world) Francisco Amighetti is a never-ending source of creation, that insists on reinventing himself and renewing his work constantly. Amighetti’s relentless energy promises the world several more masterpieces. You may witness his work in the most important museums of Costa Rica; the National Musem, the National Art Museum of Costa Rica and the Gold Museum.
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