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The best way to experience any place that you are visiting is by pushing the pedal to the medal. Driving through any country will let you see all of the sights – on your own schedule – and introduce you to some things that you wouldn't see otherwise. The natural beauty in Costa Rica, and along its rich, diverse coast, is definitely worth every mile. If you choose to rent a car during your visit to Costa Rica, you’ll get to drive through on of the most bio-diverse countries in the world, while experiencing exotic wildlife, beaches that will leave you speechless, amazing surf breaks and thriving forests.

Public transportation is definitely an option for Costa Rica tourists, and will allow visitors to hit all of the most popular attractions and exciting adventure tours. For those that wish to travel off the beaten path to more remote locations, though, or who wish to have more control over their schedule, the best option is to rent a car.

Why Drive?

Have you ever just had the urge to get lost? Well, getting 'lost' in Costa Rica can be the best part of your trip, and introduce you to a whole new side of the local culture and natural beauty. Of course, safety should always be a priority when traveling in a foreign country, which is why we recommend that you browse our extensive collection of Costa Rica regional maps. These maps are easy to print for your trip, and getting off of the beaten path a little can be a great adventure!

The public bus system in Costa Rica is very extensie but it does have limitations, so if you are looking to travel to a remote spot, your only option might be to rent a car and drive to your desired spot. There are many secluded beaches that you could go to that would offer you and your travel companions a tranquil surround and some amazing surfing.

Renting a car to drive through Costa Rica can also allow you to cover more ground and see even more of the amazing diversity that the country offers. You’ll have a more flexible schedule, and if you find yourself absolutely loving a specific spot, you can simply choose to stay there an extra day without having to cancel any other reservations.

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Renting a car also gives you the peace of mind of private transportation. Any public transportation has risks, like pick-pocketers or luggage theft, but a car rental can offer you more secure storage of your belongings, just be sure to take all your things out of the car once you arrive at your destination. You also won’t have to worry about lugging your big surf board with you on buses and planes! Your Costa Rica surfing adventure can instantly become more enjoyable and less of a hassle.

Those visiting Costa Rica with a rental car are able to take in everything, from the large tourist cities of Guanacaste or North Putanrenas to the less traveled paths in the southern portion of Puntarenas or Limon. Driving offers a less-structured, less-hassle vacation that will never require you to sit at a bus stop or at an airport, but that will constantly expose you to ever-changing and breathtaking surroundings.

Costs of Rental Cars in Costa Rica

Renting a car for your Costa Rica travel is a more expensive option, so you’ll need to research and plan your budget accordingly. There will be a minimum deposit of $1,000 required by most companies, and you’ll also need to estimate your gas and mileage when determining your budget. If you encounter an emergency or damage the rental car in any way, be sure to contact to the rental agency immediately. Do not attempt to get any repairs done on your own, as you will not be compensated for any out-of-pocket money that you spend. Check your contract before you sign it, and make sure that you get a copy. When you return the car, be sure to request a copy of the final bill, with details of all charges.

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