Costa Rica Weather

Costa Rica Weather Infographic Preview
Costa Rica Weather Chart
High Season
(Dry Season)
Green Season
(Rainy Season)
North Pacific CoastDecember to AprilMay to November
Nicoya PeninsulaDecember to AprilMay to November
Central Pacific CoastDecember to AprilMay to November
Central ValleyDecember to AprilMay to November
Arenal Volcano & Northern LowlandsMay to November
(September & October best to see volcano)
December to April
Monteverde (Area)January to MayJune to September
November (windy)
December (windy)
Caribbean North (w/ Tortuguero)February, March, September & OctoberNovember - January, April - August
Caribbean South (w/ Puerto Viejo)February, March, September & OctoberNovember - January, April - August
Osa Pennisula & Drake BayDecember to AprilMay to November
San José HighlandsDecember to AprilMay to November
San José Metro (w/ Airport Area)December to AprilMay to November
Southern Costa Rica (w/ Golfito)December to AprilMay to November
Rincon de la Vieja AreaDecember to AprilMay to November

In some ways, Costa Rica is unlike almost all other countries in the world. The country is made up of many different climate zones, which also creates a lot of microclimates within the country.

There is not a true winter season, and it is classified as a tropical country because of how close it is to the equator.

It is more or less divided into two seasons, a dry season, often referred to as high season, and a rainy season, often referred to as green season.

There is consistently about twelve hours of sunlight per day for the entire year.

Location of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located between Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Elevation plays a role in the climate of various areas as well.

Tortuguero is next the Caribbean Sea, and the weather there is wet and humid, and rainy most of the year.

Meanwhile, Guanacaste is not far, approximately 180 miles (290 km), but is near the Pacific Ocean. This makes the weather there dry and filled with tropical dry forests.

Even with their close proximity we find varying weather patterns, part of what makes Costa Rica one of the more unique countries.

The best weather in the country is said to be in the central valley of San José, there is a breeze and the temperatures generally averages about 72° Fahrenheit (22° Celsius). This is very similar to the weather in San Diego, CA where the average temperature ranges from the high 60°s to the low 70°s.

In what's referred to as the highlands, the temperature averages 55° Fahrenheit (13° Celsius).

At sea level, also known as the lowlands, the temperature averages around 79° Fahrenheit (26° Celsius).

Average Temperatures in Costa Rica

Overall, the temperature in January as opposed to July, for example, does not vary greatly.

The average annual temperature in Costa Rica is between 70° and 81° Fahrenheit (12° and 27° Celsius).

During the months of February to April, you will find the highest temperatures.

Similarly, months like September through November are generally the coldest months that the country sees, however this does vary region to region.

Costa Rica Rainfall Map

Costa Rica Rainfall Map

Rainfall in Costa Rica

The amount of rainfall in Costa Rica does fluctuate fairly drastically.

From May to November, the rainfall is quite heavy, with the most rain coming in September and October.

Opposite of that, December through April has very little rainfall, if any.

Nationwide, the country averages around 100 inches per year, with some specific areas receiving up to 25 feet of rainfall per calendar year in mountainous areas.

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, much like other portions of the country, has its own microclimate. It rains quite often and there is no true rainy season.

With so many varying weather systems and microclimates mixed into the makeup of Costa Rica, use the chart or the infographic below to help guide you when navigating the weather for your trip.

Costa Rica Weather Infographic
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