Costa Rica Maps

Only 51,100 square kilometers in size, Costa Rica is among the most bio-diverse places on earth.

To put it in perspective the entire country of Costa Rica is just over 4 times bigger than San Diego County in California or about the size of Rhode Island on the east coast of the United States.

Our Costa Rica maps will help you get familiar with the diverse layout of Costa Rica and with over two million tourists coming here every year, this tiny Central American country is fast becoming the hottest vacation destination on the planet!

Nowadays a major eco-tourism and adventure hotspot, Costa Rica also attracts scientists and biologists from all across the who come globe who come here to explore the stunning ecological diversity that this country has on offer.

Extreme Biodiversity

It is estimated that at the moment Costa Rica is home to around 6% of the world’s biodiversity.

Volcanoes, cloud forests, rainforests, dry forests, beaches, over 10,000 species of plants, 800 species of butterflies, 500 species of mammals, and 850 species of birds can be found here.

This tiny country has around 28 national parks, reserves and refuges as well as a number of protected conservation areas that make it one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world.

We even have a Costa Rica National Parks Map that maps all of the national parks in Costa Rica.

Not So Small

Though Costa Rica may look small in size, don’t let this fool you.

This country is actually quite vast due to the mountains and dense forests that can be found at different places along the way.

Another thing that one has to be careful of when making their way across this verdant country is that the road conditions here are quite bad. This can make traveling in Costa Rica quite difficult at times and can make reaching some places nearly impossible.

For this reason we have created a Costa Rica Road Map to show you the best ways to get to the most popular tourist destinations.

Map out your Vacation

A good way to enjoy all that this gorgeous country has to offer is to map out you vacation plans before hand, so that you can enjoy the lush and spectacular landscapes along the way.

With the help of our Costa Rica map gallery we invite you to discover and explore not only Costa Rica’s main tourist destinations, but also those tiny remote places that give Costa Rica its uniqueness and individuality.

All the maps on our website are original and were created specifically for us.

For more detailed map locations please click on the map list above and don’t forget to check back with us regularly as we are always adding more Costa Rica maps to make sure that your trip across this majestic country is worth every moment!

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