Casinos in Alajuela

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Located near San Jose, Alajuela is a popular destination for travelers because of its close proximity as well as the amenities and attractions found here. In fact, Alajuela is one of the best places to visit for travelers who are looking to play their best hand at one of the local casinos. Whether you're staying at an all inclusive resort or smaller hotel, casinos in Alajuela are a great option for an afternoon or night indoors.

City of Alajuela

Travelers who want to make the most of the region's casinos should consider staying in the center of the city of Alajuela. As the province capital, Alajuela boasts a thriving nightlife and entertainment scene, as well as several casinos to visit. Resorts and hotels around the city may feature casinos for visitors to place bets, but it's usually not necessary to be staying in the hotel to take advantage of the amenities.

Where To Go

Considered to be the most famous casino in the country and largest in Alajuela, Fiesta Casino is a Las Vegas-style attraction with live music, thrilling games and a fun and casual environment. The large casino features all of the popular games that you'd expect, along with local favorites, including Tute (Caribbean Stud Poker), Canasta, Pai Gow and much more. This exciting locale is the perfect place to let loose a bit, as there are often events and live entertainment. Please note this is the largest casino in Costa Rica but it is nowhere near the size of casinos in Las Vegas.

The Fiesta Casino is conveniently located near the Juan Santamaria International Airport, making it the perfect place to stop at after landing or before leaving Costa Rica. Similarly, the casino is only short drive from many hotels in the San Jose Metro area including downtown San Jose (about 25 minutes) and Escazu (about 15 minutes).

Other popular casinos in the area include La Garita de Alajuela Casino, Garden Hotel and Casino and the Martino Resort and Spa.

What to Expect

Unlike the neon-tinged streets of Las Vegas, travelers in Alajuela casinos can expect a much more laid-back environment. After all, you're in Costa Rica! It's important to also make sure to follow the Tico rules, as some games are different than the version played in other countries. Minimum bets are generally 500 colones, which is considered an affordable rate. Also, rules may differ depending on the casino you visit, so pay attention to house rules at different locations.
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