Vacation Rentals in Cartago

If you are traveling to Costa Rica for the first or fiftieth time, you might consider staying longer than the average traveler, and who could blame you? Costa Rica is not only a country that is easy on the eyes, it is also easy on the mind, body, and soul. There is ample opportunity to relax or to go on an adrenaline-inducing adventure. If you’re looking to spend time doing both, a long term stay is your best bet.

There are accommodation options beyond hotels for the traveler or travelers that are looking to extend the average visit to Costa Rica. While hotels do offer a lot of conveniences and extra services, those that instead choose a vacation rental can be certain that they will get a taste of the everyday life in Costa Rica.

Historic Place

Cartago province is an excellent location for vacationers that want to experience modern Costa Rica life with a slice of historical value. Located in the lush Central Valley, this area is a charming and scenic region. Before San Jose was the capital city of Costa Rica, that privilege belonged to Cartago City. The former capital city is also distinct because it was the first Spanish settlement in Costa Rica; established by Juan Vasquez de Coronado in the early 1560's. Today, most associate the city with the famous, annual pilgrimage to La Negrita, or The Black Virgin. Whether you are heading to the province for the pilgrimage, or just for a vacation, Cartago is a great destination for those on holiday.

Great Conditions

If you are looking to stay in Cartago City, you can find all types of vacation rentals. You will be able to do short term leasing for both luxuries rentals and for more affordable, basic rentals. These can be found in all kinds of areas throughout the city. Cartago City still gives you a taste of Costa Rica life, but leaves you feeling like you are still on vacation since it is away from the hustle and bustle of San Jose. Cartago has great weather, and the landscape serves as the perfect, serene backdrop. Cartago City is a nice central location to stay that will allow you to easily explore the rest of the province as well. Mostly peaceful and quiet, the city is close to the Irazu Volcano and the Lankester Botanical Gardens – both must-sees if you are in the area.

Other Places

Another great area for your vacation rental in Costa Rica is in the Orosi Valley. Staying here is definitely a way to get back to nature; the valley is fertile and gives you an intimate connection with and escape to a pristine nature experience. The air here is clean and refreshing, and the surrounding land is rich with coffee plantations that are fun to explore, and give you a chance to buy fresh, amazing coffee. Vacation rentals in the Orosi Valley are sure to give you an excellent view of everything that nature offers in the countryside.

If you have an adventurous vacation in mind, then you should head up to Turrialba and its neighboring areas for your extended stay. Renting a vacation home in this area, which is close to the Guayabo National Park, gives you a chance to experience the rural side of Costa Rica. Also close by is the Parque Nacional Volcan Turrialba, which offers some exciting white water rafting tours.

The long-term Costa Rica visitor can find cabins, lodges, villas, apartments and other types of vacation rentals throughout Cartago province that offer modern facilities and amenities. Using the province as your home base for your vacation stay is a great opportunity to explore all that Cartago has to offer.

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