Ojo del Mar Eco Lodge
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Ojo del Mar Eco Lodge

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A simple life retreat. Your home in the jungle, right on the beach. Enjoy the luxury of simplicity. Reconnect to the essential

Ojo del Mar ("eye of the sea"), is a small, eco friendly secluded retreat nestled between the beautiful beaches and the tropical rainforest in the wilds of the Osa Peninsula. Waking up to the morning sound of howler monkeys, the squawking of macaws and the orchestral singing of birds and insects against the background rhythm of the ocean.

Ojo del Mar has its main casa grande (restaurant) with hardwood floors and a thatched roof bamboo construction, solar powered, all built by hand without power tools. Ojo del Mar's building concept follows a calling that is environmentally and socially responsible. We welcome you and all sorts of groups/events to support our mindful and sustainable commitments in deep connection with nature.

The owners speak English, Spanish and German.Ojo Del Mar lodge featuring Yoga, Wellness & Whole Foods, Ecotourism and a Retreat Center in the Osa Peninsula Costa

Customer Reviews for Ojo del Mar Eco Lodge

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3 of 53 of 53 of 53 of 53 of 5
Based on 1 review

3 of 53 of 53 of 5
From: United States
"This is a very pretty place in terms of the mosaic work in the room and bathroom The shower is water coming through a coconut so although interesting, it is cold water only and not what you would call a "good shower". I enjoyed the openess of the room but did not ever feel it was clean. There was a sofa type seat and I found long black hairs from a previous guest The bed sheets felt damp in the humidity and walking to the restroom or shower area meant walking on gravel so rocks stuck to your feet and were dragged onto the floor area easily It just felt too much like camping for me. If this is what you like, you will enjoy this spot. I wanted a place to escape the mosquitos and dirt and this wasn't that. The owner, Niko, was very pleasant and did cook a wonderful dinner."
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