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Vip City Bus Cultural Tour

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Starting at $70 (USD) / tour
Suggested Nights Stay: 3 Nights

Vip City Bus has the best city tour in Costa Rica at your disposal. Our first European style sightseeing bus in Costa Rica offer VIP service and a cultural experience in our city enhanced with luxury, customer service.


VIP City Bus Tour group having fun
VIP City Bus Tour group having fun

VIP City Bus is the first tourist bus in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Vip City Bus offer the best city tour in Costa Rica. Their amazing and unique two-story bus tour will take you to downtown San Jose from your hotel lobby to witness the historic monuments of this cultural city for an unforgettable cultural experience and a better understanding of the evolution of this central american Pura Vida country.

VIP City Bus has several guided tours with places to visit in San José, including the National Theater (lobby), Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the old and authentic central market places, the national La Sabana pearl, the National Stadium, an in depth description of national monument and the influential historical episode that took place in Plaza de la Democracia. The VIP City Bus will comfortably and safely take you through busy San José streets.


•We have the only double decker bus in the country that allows you the best panoramic views of downtown.
•Ours is the only tour that includes a visit inside the new National Stadium
•100% Guided tour (English- Spanish).
•Welcome drink (natural fruit).
•Declared Of Cultural Interest by the Costa Rican Authorities in the Ministry of Culture.
•VIP Service.
•Roundtrip transportation from and to hotel.
•Authentic lunch.
•Daily tour.
•Wi-Fi Access.
•Shopping at Central Market.
•Live folkloric Music aboard.

Key Features

Tour guide at VIP City Bus Tour
Tour guide at VIP City Bus Tour
  • Panoramic views of San Jose
  • 100% guided tour
  • English & Spanish speaking guide
  • Authentic Lunch (optional)
  • Onboard juice and water
  • Short walks and visits to historical landmarks
  • Costa Rican music
  • Modern and comfortable sightseeing bus
  • Wifi
  • Declared Of Cultural Interest by the Ministry ofCR
Starting at $70 (USD) / tour
Suggested Nights Stay: 3 Nights


Private Transfers Available


Happy customers having fun while visiting San Jose
Happy customers having fun while visiting San Jose

The VIP is a different concept of a city tour. The bus not your typical tour and i not a typical bus either. It is a modern and comfortable sightseeing bus that has an uplifted ride around San Jose. The idea of the Tour is to teach every tourist about the country, its people, and the capital city as you tour with us in style.

THe goal is to have you immersed in our friendly culture since the moment we meet you to board our sightseeing tour bus. Every single person should be prepared to receive valuable Costa Rican history and insight through a privileged point of view. Our knowledgeable and informative guides will make sightseeing San Jose a delight.

This is the first proper sightseeing bus in Costa Rica. The bus exists to entertain and teach Costarican`s and tourist around the world. The double decker of the bus will put you on top of the busy crowds like no other bus tour in San Jose Costa Rica can do.

Starting at $70 (USD) / tour
Suggested Nights Stay: 3 Nights


VIP City Bus Tour offer this routes and destinations:

Asamblea Legislativa
Banco Central
Barrio Amón
Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social
Catedral Metropolitana
Correos de Costa Rica
Escuela Metálica
Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica
Estatua León Cortés
Hospital Nacional de NIños
Hospital San Juan de Dios
Mercado Central
Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud
Museo de Arte Costarricense
Museo Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia
Parque Central de Costa Rica
Parque La Merced
Parque Morazán
Parque Nacional
La Sabana
Paseo Colón
Plaza de la Democracia
Plaza de la Cultura
Teatro Nacional
Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones

Location & Map

San Jose Downtown Map
San Jose Downtown Map
Vip City Bus Cultural Tour is Downtown Santa Ana


Tour with lunch 11 am to 4 pm$70 
Tour with OUT lunch 1 pm to 4 pm $52 
Roundtrip included! Transportation to the tour and back again at your hotel.

Includes: VIP Double Decker Bus + Welcome Natural Local Drink + Bilingual Guide + Folklore Music + Authentic Lunch + Round Trip Hotel Transfer + Guided Walking tours to (National Stadium, Art Museum, Metropolitan Cathedral, Rafael Angel Calderón Guardia Museum, National Monument, Central Market (shopping) and National Theather Lobby).

Satellite Map of Vip City Bus Cultural Tour