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Efrain's Nature Tours

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Starting at $55 (USD) / tour
Suggested Nights Stay: 3 Nights

We are a small company born of the history of EFRAIN, who lived inside Manuel Antonio National Park.


Efrain's Nature Tours is owned by Efrain Vargas who is a very passionate naturalist guide who grew up in National Parks for a few years.

Efrain was always involved living and working as a volunteer and also as a park ranger, until he became naturalist guide of Manuel Antonio and the Quepos area.

Today, Efrain has created the most professional team of naturalistic guides to show, teach and educate the people all about biodiversity in Costa Rica.

Live the experience to be guided for professional nature interpreters with an expert eagle eye to search in the middle of the lush dense jungle, where you'll see amazing wildlife on their own habitat.

Tour guides will explain everything about the different relations and interactions of all kind of organisms in the park. Get your camera ready for the best shots inside a National Park and fall in love with the most stunning beaches in all the Central American region, calm waves and the most diverse flora & fauna.

Key Features

  • Personalized Tours
  • Private bird Watching tours
  • Bilingual Guides
  • Excellent guest service
  • National Park Specialist
Starting at $55 (USD) / tour
Suggested Nights Stay: 3 Nights


Bilingual Guides
Child Friendly Tours
Packages Available
Tourism Board Certified


Popular Tours at Efrain's Nature Tours


The Night Walk Tour is an activity designed for all those people who are night creatures lovers and for those who will love to explore the darkness of one tropical jungle in Costa Rica...

Feeling welcomed by some mammals that lurk between the undergrowth and the foliage of the trees in the middle of our mysterious and surprising nature reserve in Manuel Antonio will make you feel one of the most exciting experiences in Costa Rica.

Walking behind of an expert naturalist guide, who knows and show you every hiding sites of this incredible tropical humid forest, you also could be surprised for the melodious sounds of frogs, crickets, grasshopper, birds and more... Meanwhile, thousands of eyes of different types of nocturnal creatures follow the steps of our visit to their habitat.

Do not wait anymore, come now and explore with us the wonderful world of creatures that reign in the dark.

Starting at $55 (USD) / tour
Suggested Nights Stay: 3 Nights

Tours Offered

Bird Watching
Family Friendly Tours
National Park / Reserve Tours
Night Hikes
Wildlife Viewing

Location & Map

Central Pacific Coast Map
Central Pacific Coast Map
Efrain's Nature Tours is 80 m west of Manuel Antonio National Park Main Entrance


 Prices per Tour
Manuel Antonio Natl. Park (group)$55 
Manuel Antonio Natl. Park (private)$95 
Night Walk Tour (group)$50 
Bird Watching Tour Manuel Antonio (group)$60 
Bird Watching Tour outside Manuel Antonio (group)$90 
Mangrove tour boat Damas Island (group)$80 
Nauyaca waterfalls hiking tour (group)$80 
Rainmaker Park Hiking tour (group)$95 
Rates are per person.
All rates include 13% taxes.
All private tours require a minimum of two people.
Tours might be subject to rates change.
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