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Hotel Bula Bula

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Beautiful BulaBula front view
Beautiful BulaBula front view

Located in Playa Grande, on the Pacific Northwest of Costa Rica is Bula BUla Hotel. The 5 km white sand beach boasts one of the most consistent surf breaks in Costa Rica and is known for its great surf. The nearly private beach is also a terrific place to collect seashells and unwind. Hotel Bula Bula is located on the Tamarindo estuary about a 5 minute walk to the beach.

The hotel can arrange horseback riding, hiking in the cloud forests, and guided wildlife tours of the Tamarindo estuary. Or, you can spend the day in a hammock by the pool doing nothing more adventurous than taking in some sun and sipping one of our famous tropical martinis.

Hotel Bula Bula’s restaurant and bar, the Great Waltini’s, features a full bar and a simple but sumptuous menu. The mood is casual and friendly with attention to detail and service. Tamarindo is just a water taxi ride away and offers much to the tourist including: local art, culture, shopping, discos, live music, and a variety of bar and restaurant scenes.

Key Features

  • Breakfast Included
  • Internet Access Available
  • King Size Orthopedic Beds
  • Private Bath with Shower
  • Air Conditioning & Ceiling Fans
  • Coffee Maker with Complimentary Coffee
  • All Rooms Decorated with Native Art and Pottery
  • Estuary & Turtle Tours
  • Canopy Tours
  • World Class Surfing
  • Sunset Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Yoga
  • Golf at Hacienda Pinilla
Hotel Bula Bula Room
Hotel Bula Bula Room


Surfing at BulaBula beach
Surfing at BulaBula beach

Tours & Activities

Rincon de la Vieja
A magnificent opportunity to experience the mountains of Costa Rica, don’t miss the chance to hike the Rincon de la Vieja volcano. With trails that range from two hours to eight hours there is something for everyone’s fitness level. Choose to hike to the crater of the volcano or pick one of the many waterfalls to explore. You can also take a guided tour to the natural hot springs at the nearby Blue Lagoon. There is no better way to experience the various micro-climates of the Costa Rican mountains. Great day trip!

Estuary Tour
The Tamarindo estuary covers more than 1200 acres of purely salt water jungle and is the heart of the Tamarindo Wildlife Sanctuary. The boat leaves directly from the hotel and takes you on a magnificent wildlife expedition where you will see hundreds of species of animals and birds. You will also enjoy spectacular foliage made up of red, white, black, buttonwood and the rare tea mangroves.

Turtle Tour
Don’t miss this rare opportunity! Playa Grande is one of only three places in the world that the leather back turtle comes to nest on. These magnificent animals can measure up to 2.5 meters and weigh around 700 kilos. Unlike other turtles, this species has no hard shell, but rather a black, leathery skin with ridges running lengthwise. Nesting season is November through April.

Canopy Tour
An experience like no other, imagine yourself harnessed to a zip line, sailing through the tree tops spotting monkeys, birds and sloths. You will enjoy 23 different lines that offer magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean, a waterfall, many different types of wildlife and all of the fauna and flora of the northwest region of the country. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or a nature lover you’ll truly be swept away by this traditional Costa Rican tour.

Just steps away from one of the most consistent beach breaks in Costa Rica, you’ll enjoy both lefts and rights that can hold up to almost double over-head. If variety is what you’re after; Playa Tamarindo, Playa Avellanas, Playa Langosta and Playa Negra are equally amazing and all just a short distance from Playa Grande as well as the world famous Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point. Surf lessons and equipment rentals are available.

Sunset Sailing
The perfect way to spend the day, you set sail aboard a beautiful 52 foot Beaufort yacht with delicious snacks and all the tropical drinks you desire. Once the captain finds the perfect snorkeling spot you are given equipment and the opportunity to explore the underwater world. The most colorful tropical fish, manta rays, and beautiful coral reef are just a few of the sites to see. Afterwards enjoy gourmet sandwiches and the sun setting as you head back to the marina. It is very common at this time of day for the dolphins to swim alongside and play with the boat. Discover what Costa Ricans mean by “Pura Vida”.

Rent a sea kayak and enjoy the day exploring the estuary or riding on the waves of the Ocean.

Take some time to celebrate your mind, body and soul. Community classes are offered twice a week and all levels are welcome. You may also schedule a private session for a group or individual. Whether you have a regular practice or would like to try it for the first time, come and experience all that yoga has to offer.

Spa Services
What better way to pamper yourself than by having the spa come to you. The local day spa will com directly to your room and offers a wide variety of services. Choose from an assortment of massage and energy work or perhaps a body scrub or an organic facial sounds a bit more relaxing. Whatever you choose to indulge yourself with you will truly feel pampered at the end of the day.

Location & Map

North Pacific Coast Map
North Pacific Coast Map
Satellite Map of Hotel Bula Bula
Hotel Bula Bula is On the Tamarindo estuary 5 minute walk from the beach


Season Date FromDate To 
Green Season September 1stOctober 31st
High Season January 16thApril 30th
Mid Season May 1stAugust 31st
 Double Occupancy
Before April 1 - rates as low as$95 + taxes 
Easter 2012$105 + taxes 
Between April 8 and April 30$95 + taxes 
May 1 to August 31$75 + taxes 

Customer Reviews for Hotel Bula Bula

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5 of 55 of 55 of 55 of 55 of 5
Based on 1 review

5 of 55 of 55 of 55 of 55 of 5
From: United States12/6/2004
"What a find! We enjoyed this hotel so much we changed our travel plans. Located a short and very beautiful walk away from what may be Costa Rica's prettiest beach, the Bula Bula is among the most relaxing place I've ever been. Well furnished rooms border a relaxing pool within well landscaped grounds. The long covered patio is ideal for relaxing, reading or chatting with new friends. Everyone among the very diverse group of guests is friendly...more fellow travelers than tourists. Owners Todd and Wally are more hosts than owners and the food is world class...sashimi grade blackened tuna and fork tender filets may be among the items on the menu served in the well appointed open cafe or nearby bar. The bar itself is a gathering place for guests and those staying elsewhere as well as locals adding extra value to those exploring Costa Rica. All of this is convenient to Tamarindo...but why go elsewhere?"
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