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Cacao Monkeys$94 / nightPuerto Jiménez, South Puntarenas
Enjoy adventure at Cacao Monkeys
Cacao Monkeys is the perfect spot for nature lovers. Stay here if you want to be right in the middle of the jungle, ready to take in the sights, sounds and smells of gorgeous flora and fauna, not to mention howler monkeys, iguanas and plenty of other animals. [more details]
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Poor Man's Paradise$127 / nightDrake Bay, South Puntarenas5 of 55 of 55 of 55 of 55 of 5
Happy guests at Poor Man's Paradise
Get away from it all at the remote tropical hideaway of Poor Man’s Paradise. Located on Drake Bay, this hotel is the ideal spot to unplug and unwind. Get back to basics and take a break from your everyday life while frolicking on beautiful beaches, fishing on open waters, and experiencing the beauty of the rainforest. [more details]
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