Entertainment in Limón

Limon offers a lot of recreational activities and entertainment. It is completely different from the rest of Costa Rica. This is because much of the southern part of Limon is influenced by Afro-Caribbean culture. The people here not only talk differently from the rest of the country, but their food and drinks are also different. If you head to places like Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and Cahuita, you will immediately spot the difference.

Unique Rastafarian Culture

Limon has plenty of bars and restaurants, with a distinctly calypso flavor. Since Limon is mainly influenced by Rastafarian culture, the food here is different from the rest of Costa Rica—with coconut milk and exotic spices used in seasoning many dishes, even in beans and rice to make it more tangy and sharp. You can also see Jamaican and African influences. Full of exciting flavors, the food here is cooked in distinctly Limon kind of Caribbean style. Garlic potatoes, grilled fish and jerk chicken are popular dishes in Southern Limon, along with barbecued food, curries and seafood.


In Cahuita, the bars are low-key, with good music and food; however, this does not mean that there is no place to have some fun. For a good time head to Cocos Bar, Bar Hannia and Ricky’s Bar for some drinks and dancing. In Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, the nightlife is more vibrant and lively, with most restaurants turning into bars after the sun sets. Café Viejo offers some great drink selections, while El Dorado is a nice place for a mellow night out. For some good music and dancing, visit Bar Zarpe on a Saturday night.

Restaurants in Limon

Most of the restaurants in the south of Limon are found along the beach alongside numerous sodas and food stalls. Asian and Italian cuisine is also very popular in this area. In the north of Limon, you will find some bars at the all-inclusive ecolodges in the area. They offer a wide selection of drinks along with your dinner. On the other hand, there are no restaurants here. The reason for this is that the northern areas of the province are protected habitats. There are only lodges and cabinas in this part of the country, which operate restaurants inside their premises.

Spas in Limon

There are also spas in Limon. Most of the spas in Limon are a part of hotels and resorts. You will find a spa in The Manatus Hotel in Tortuguero, The El Encanto B&B in Cahuita and the Samasati Retreat Center in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca among others.

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