Where to Stay in Guanacaste

Is it possible to find a gorgeous, diverse vacation spot that can offer a large geographic area to explore and promise that there will be little congestion? Yes, it is, and that perfect destination is the province of Guanacaste. As the largest province in Costa Rica, with beautiful white-sand beaches, Guanacaste is a surprisingly quiet vacation destination, as it is also the most sparsely populated in the country side. The infrastructure of this region is growing, and the climate is hot and dry, making it an attractive escape for tourists that are looking to get a reprieve from cold, harsh winters. While visiting, be sure to add surfing, volcano hikes, waterfall viewing, beach-going and nightlife activities to your to-do list! Besides the natural beauty and famous beaches, Guanacaste is also filled with history. If you are looking to learn more about the traditions and local culture of Costa Rica, your stay in Guanacaste province won’t disappoint.


As many of the towns in Guanacaste undergo expansion to accommodate visitors, more and more choices are available for travelers, making it easy for them to find just what they need. Whether you are traveling as a family, group or individual, or looking for short term or long term accommodations, there is something for you in Guanacaste. The vast accommodation options include luxury all-inclusive resorts, hotels, lodges, budget cabinas, vacation rentals, and even some golf resorts.

Luxury All Inclusive Resorts

If your budget isn’t tight, and you’re looking for a no-hassle trip with plenty of luxury, consider staying at an all-inclusive resort in Guanacaste. You can enjoy the view of the crystal blue water and other gems that nature has to offer, while treating yourself to some room service or taking a personal tour or excursion to one of the many local attractions. The Papagayo Gulf is a great option for the traveler that wants privacy during their stay on the beach, while experiencing high-end services and finding the perfect balance between nature and relaxation.

Guanacaste Beach Hotels

Guanacaste offers many options that are affordable and won’t ask you to sacrifice comfort, or your view. Nicoya Peninsula is a great place to search for a budget-friendly beach stay, as there are cabins and smaller hotels that can offer some privacy and personal service, while letting travelers indulge in local culture. Often times, you’ll find these accommodations offer rooms that house several guests, but it can be a great way to meet fellow travelers and to see if your Spanish needs any work! Friendly on the wallet, with a high standard of cleanliness, these smaller options are definitely worth keeping in mind when planning your trip to Costa Rica.

Vacation Rentals

If your trip to Guanacaste is going to be a long one – and why shouldn’t it be? – there are options for you too! Whether you are planning a family-friendly stay, traveling with friends or anything in between, you can find a rental unit that will meet your needs. If you plan to stay mostly local, you can find a fully-equipped rental for a hassle-free stay. If you plan on being gone often and need a little extra help, or just want a pampered experience, there are high-end rentals available that include staff and top-notch amenities. From modest cottages and cabins to luxury condos and bed & breakfasts, most vacation rentals in Guanacaste are on or near the beautiful local beaches, up and down the coast.

Golf Resorts in Guanacaste

Guanacaste offers more than just gorgeous weather and serene beaches; the region is also known for its world-class golf resorts. These resorts on the largest province in Costa Rica offer golf courses that are located along the beach front. With an ocean view, renowned courses and resort services, staying at a golf resort in Guanacaste is a great option for adventurous spirits.

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