Scuba Diving in South Puntarenas

Boasting one of Costa Rica’s most stunning natural wonders, the Corcovado National Park is the perfect destination for an adventure traveler. Rugged and secluded, much of this region remains untouched and pristine, giving tourists the feeling as if they have stepped into another world. Unlike the rest of Costa Rica, which is taken over by tourism, the landscape here is rich and green with nature reigning supreme.

Caño Island

The best place to go scuba diving in South Puntarenas is around the Caño Island, which is also the best dive destination in Costa Rica. Considered to be among the most superb dive sites along the Pacific Coast, you can get to the Caño Island via boat from Drake Bay. A biological reserve, the Caño Island showcases a wealth of marine life with numerous underwater rock formations as well. You can spot over 15 different coral species out here amdist a plethora o brightly colored tropical fish, whales, dolphins, eels and rays. The underwater visibility here is fantastic and divers have a choice of four dive sites to choose from.

Other Places

Another great dive site accessible from Drake Bay is Parque Nacional Isla del Coco, which sits some 500 km from mainland Costa Rica. Often referred to as the Costa Rican Galapagos, this island has a diverse array of species on land as well as underwater. The marine life here is rich and plentiful with sea turtles, dolphins and topical fish found here in huge numbers. Eighteen species of coral and many crustacean species have also been recorded here. The diving here superb as well, however, permission is needed in advance to visit the park.

Take a Course

To go scuba diving in South Puntarenas, your best bet is to head to Drake Bay, which acts as the main tourism hub of the region. With plenty accommodations and tour operators here you are spoilt for choice. There are a number of dive companies in Drake Bay as well as hotels and ecolodges in the area, which offer diving facilities. When hiring a dive company, make sure they are certified and always ask for references. Both PADI and NAUI courses are available here. When heading out to dive, remember to check your dive gear and oxygen tanks and always stay with your dive group.

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