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Rainforest Adventures Pacific Park

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Starting at $40 (USD) / tour

A magnificent adventure that will allow you to travel and get to know a unique ecosystem in the forest, locating next to Carara National Park, Rainforest Adventures Pacific Park offers perfect tropical transition, due to its strategic location between the dry and rainy forest.


Rain Forest Aerial Trams Pacific
Rain Forest Aerial Trams Pacific

Rainforest Aerial Trams

Created to raise the world's consciousness of the importance of the tropical rainforests, the Pacific Rain Forest Aerial Tram allows guests to discover the hidden secrets and hanging gardens of the Transitional Tropical Rainforest from an awe-inspiring perspective. The Pacific Rain Forest Aerial Tram is an eco-tourism project with 222 acres (90 hectares) of rainforest, showcasing small waterfalls and scenic views of the Pacific Coast.

The Rain Forest Aerial Tram flys through a transitional area between the extremely rare tropical dry forest and the tropical rainforest. This junction between the two ecosystems is packed with exotic wildlife and full of bright tropical vegetation. To make your visit to the Pacific Rain Forest Aerial Tram comfortable, visitors can taste real Costa Rica coffee in a coffee shop selling cold drinks and snacks including pastries, fruit, and sandwiches.

Aerial Tram

The Aerial Tram has 18 gondolas that allow a maximum for 9 passengers including one bilingual naturalist guide. Visitors will know all the different layers of the rainforest, from the floor to the treetops. The canopy is home to an enormous amount of flora and fauna. Eager to find light and space, many plants have colonized the treetops, turning them into small, independently functioning ecosystems.

Key Features

Suspension bridge, Rainforest Adventures Pacific Park
Suspension bridge, Rainforest Adventures Pacific Park
  • A true flight on the Aerial Tram gondolas
  • Colorful tropical flowers in Heliconias Gallery
  • Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Garden
  • Snake Exhibition in the middle of the forest
  • Tour guided by an expert naturalist guide
  • Well-groomed walking trails
  • Hiking adventure
Starting at $40 (USD) / tour


Bilingual Guides
Child Friendly Tours
Tourism Board Certified


Rainforest Adventures-Pacific Park
Get to know the best eco-adventure parks in Costa Rica. Complete and sustainable tours full on adventure.


Aerial tree top flight

Explore every level of the tropical transitional forest in Costa Rican from the ground to the treetops. Our unique Aerial Tram Tour lets you experience first hand all the secrets the forest keeps while you fly above the treetops accompanied by a magnificent ocean view, a relaxed environment and a peaceful experience in harmony with nature. We offer the longest and only guided tram tours in the country.

Tranopy tour

Our tranopy tour (tram + zip lines) ascend the mountain in our gondolas and then descend it by soaring over the treetops. Feel real adrenaline as you fly where the birds are with amazing ocean views and a cool breeze refreshing your whole body. For your safety and comfort we have double cables, double harness, platform with handrails and top of the line equipment so that your adventure is unforgettable!
This canopy tour includes 10 cables and 15 tree platforms, some of them connected with peaceful and pretty natural trails. This is the safest and most entertaining zip line course on the central Pacific Coast.


The best and most complete one day tour in Jaco! Fulfill your desires of total adventure and Adrenaline within the tropical forest in Costa Rica. Located near to the beach, our eco-adventure park opens its doors for the ultimate experience: the Adrenaline Extreme tour! A perfect combination of all the activities you may encounter in our private reserve. Includes:Aerial tram, -Zip-lines (10 cables and 15 platforms), -Waterfall climbing,-Hanging bridge, -Trekking (400mts)and -Expert certified naturalist bilingual guide

Starting at $40 (USD) / tour

Tours Offered

ATV Riding
Bird Watching
Butterfly Farm
Canopy Tours / Zip Line
Family Friendly Tours
Wildlife Viewing

Location & Map

Central Pacific Coast Map
Central Pacific Coast Map
Rainforest Adventures Pacific Park is 3km Northeast from MaxiPali supermarket in Jacó


Aerial Tram$65 $32 
Tranopy$79 $49 
Guided Walk$38 $27 
Waterfall Climb$65 $32 
5 in 1 Adrenaline Extreme$99 $65 
6 in 1 Tour$99 $65 
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
All cancellations and charges must be made by email, at least 24 hours before traveler’s arrival.
Cancellations made within 24 hours before the start of the tour will be charged in full; 100% of the tour price.
NO SHOWS: All contracted services will be charged in full; 100%.
Satellite Map of Rainforest Adventures Pacific Park