Ride huge waves in Playa Hermosa, Puntarenas

Waves rolling in at Playa Hermosa
Waves rolling in at Playa Hermosa

When you plan a surf trip to Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica, you want to make sure you head to the right one. There are two beaches with the same name, one in Guanacaste and one in Puntarenas. Both have beautiful blue waters and great vistas, but the one in the Puntarenas province is the one with the best waves. Surfers flock to this haven to enjoy the consistent swells and clean, pristine sands. It is thanks to this cleanliness that the beach was awarded a Blue Flag award.

A Surfers Paradise

Playa Hermosa in Puntarenas is a true surfer’s haven, with much of the local business centered around its surfing. If you have any questions about the best spots and times to take out your board, do not hesitate to inquire with some of the friendly locals. Many will happily impart the secrets of the area. If you want to avoid crowds, then plan your Costa Rica surf trip to be in Playa Hermosa during the week. The weekends get much more crowded as locals and tourists alike head out to ride the waves.

Plan Your Trip

When you decide upon when to visit Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica, you want to ensure you are there for some of the best breaks. Most people choose to visit sometime between May and November to ensure they experience the location at its peak. You want to check the tide book to make sure you head out during low and mid tide for the best swells.

Terraza, Backyard or Tulin

When you are at Playa Hermosa, you have a few choices for breaks. The three most popular are Terraza, Backyard and Tulin. For the largest break, head to Tulin during low tide to grab one of the western swells. For consistent breaks, choose Backyard, a sandbar with breaks near the beach. You can ride these hollow rights and lefts at mid and high tide. Terraza offers fast and hollow breaks that are perfect during low and mid tides. You can find some southwestern and western swells that break right before some rocks. If you want to ride the most popular breaks, then head to El Almendro, or the Almond Tree, and catch a ride on the waves in the area.

The Best Waves

Surfers from all over the world head to Playa Hermosa in Puntarenas for the massive rides that can reach as high as 13 feet. It provides a great spot for experienced and professional surfers to ride some challenging waves. If you enjoy hollow and fast waves, then you have met your match with this beach. The challenging rides also make it the perfect home for the Quicksilver International Surf Championships that take place every year in August.

Beyond the Waves

When you need some time to relax after an exciting day catching some huge waves, then catch some rays on the beach. Although it is a popular surf beach, not many people come here for sunbathing. You can also head to the Manuel Antonio National Park to hike through some of Costa Rica’s famous park, which is a quick 45-minute drive. The nearby Playa Hermosa Wildlife Refuge is home to the nests of sea turtles, providing a great spot to see them in their natural habitat.

If you have time, make sure to check out some of the other great surf spots in the Puntarenas province, such as the breaks at the beaches in Santa Teresa and Malpais. Many people choose to stay in hotels in Jaco and some of the other neighboring cities that provide a range of hotels, restaurants, resorts and bars, since there are few economical accommodations in Playa Hermosa. If your budget includes higher-end hotels, then you can find some very nice options in Playa Hermosa itself.