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Mawamba Lodge

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Mawamba Lodge is a 15-acre beach front beautiful property located on the Northeast area of Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast on a sand bar between the Tortuguero Canals and the Caribbean Sea. An excellent location that provides direct access to the pristine beach, the canals and at a close walking distance by the beach to town.

Often referred to as the “Amazon of Costa Rica” because of its network of lakes and canals, and being that its only reachable by boat or air, Tortuguero is the ideal place to enjoy the rain forest at first hand. Nestled in the heartland of the rain forest, this is the ideal hideaway for nature lovers and the ideal place to discover the wonders of the Tortuguero National Park.

Because of its location, Mawamba operates through “vacation packages” rather than lodging-only services. These trips, will comfortably take you to Tortuguero at the best value. You just select the length of your stay, and Mawamba will organize your transportation to and from San Jose (both by land and boat), the lodging, meals, tours in the area, and will have a guide to show the best of Tortuguero throughout your stay.

The Lodge’s beautiful gardens are a great introduction to the fauna of the area and the rustic accommodations blend with the exuberant jungle vegetation, exotic birds and wildlife creating the perfect balance with nature. All the spacious and comfortable rooms are built in fine woods and are equipped with either 1 double and 1 single bed or 3 single beds.

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4 of 54 of 54 of 54 of 54 of 5
Based on 1 review

4 of 54 of 54 of 54 of 5
From: Costa Rica
"Tortuguero was definitely the highlight of our trip! We were there this past August, saw the turtles and enjoyed the abundance of wildlife. We selected Tortuguero because of the turtle experience but then realized there was so much to do in the area, that we would go back in a heartbeat! The staff at the Lodge was friendly, the food great and the rooms, rustic, but comfortable. Although we were instructed not to swim in the ocean in front of the lodge, because of the tides, we took some nice walks along the seashore."
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Mawamba Lodge is Our Main offices are located in the Capital City of San José, Costa Rica
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