Caribbean North (w/ Tortuguero)

Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast was where Christopher Columbus first landed and discovered Costa Rica in 1502. A rich and diverse coastline, this part of the country is a world of its own, where the pace of life is slow and the atmosphere is relaxed and laidback. Relatively remote and undiscovered, this region of Costa Rica is a joy to visit especially for nature lovers, who can find a plethora of diverse marine life in and around the coast.

Network of Canals & Rivers

The Northern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, located inside the Limon Province, is a beautifully secluded area with lush dense forestation, canals, meandering rivers, gorgeous lagoons and is home to some of the most exotic wildlife and flora in the country. One of the few places in Costa Rica where sea turtles come ashore to nest, this part of the country is also an sport fishermens' dream with huge schools of Atlantic tarpon and snook found in the rivers and along the shore here.

National Park Mecca

The North Caribbean Coast is mainly made up of two national parks, with only a small number of people inhabiting the area. The Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge sits along Costa Rica’s northern border with Nicaragua, while the Tortuguero National Park lies south of the Barra del Colorado Refuge. This area has a number of small gorgeous beaches that are often bordered by verdant coastal forests with many swamps also found in the area.

Relatively remote and undiscovered, this region of Costa Rica is a joy to visit.

A popular destination for eco-travelers and adventurers alike, it is vital to keep in mind that this part of the country gets plenty of rainfall; a lot more than say Costa Rica’s northern Pacific Coast. Rainy most days, the weather tends to improve slightly from December to April, which is Costa Rica’s dry season. However, this does not mean that it stops raining. The rainfall just eases up.

Boat Access Only

Another important thing that one needs to remember is that transportation to this region is very limited and one can only reach these areas by boat or a small plane. This inaccessibility has been a positive, as this region is home to large tracts of virgin lowland rainforests and is the nesting grounds of four of the eight species of sea turtle in the world.

A highly popular tourist destination, a number of travel and tour companies arrange trips to this area. However, do make tour/hotel reservations in advance, so that all your bases are covered. To get here, one has to get to Puerto Limon and then catch a boat to either the Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge or the Tortuguero National Park. This boat ride is a wonderful experience as along the way you can spot a number of birds and animals. You also have the option of flying to both these parks, as they have their own small airports.

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