Playa San Josecito, South Puntarenas

When it comes to tropical vistas, it doesn’t get any better than Playa San Josecito, especially the breathtaking view from above Drake Bay.

The palm trees hug the shore of the expansive beach, and lush, green foliage just invite a moonlight stroll in the surf.

Costa Rica South Puntarena’s Osa Peninsula is where visitors will find Playa San Josecito, the beach located in Drake Bay, on the northwest shore of the peninsula. The beach is surrounded by nature preserves, parks and amazing forests and is known as a start point for long hikes among the trees.

About Drake Bay

Drake Bay is named for Sir Francis Drake, a notorious British pirate who is said to have stopped there in the 1500s and may or may not have left some treasure behind.

Tourists may not see any bullion beneath the waves, but there are myriad natural treasures to enjoy in the area via snorkeling, scuba or swimming.

Agujitas is the main town in Drake Bay, and it can be a bit difficult to reach because of its remote location.

Corcovado National Park

A large portion – 164 square miles -- of the Osa Peninsula is part of the Corcovado National Park, touted as one of the most diverse ecosystems on the globe.

For wildlife enthusiasts, there is no better destination than this park during a trip to Costa Rica.

It is only a few miles away from Playa San Josecito and definitely worth a day trip when visitors want a break from lounging on the sandy beach. Expect to see monkeys, macaws, coati, anteaters and large cats as well as plenty of marine life on the western shore of the park.

Marine Life

In fact, the creatures that ply the waves near Corvocado National Park are just the tip of the iceberg for tourists who want to see marine life during their trip to Central America.

The nature reserve of Caño Island can be seen off shore from Playa San Josecito.

After visitors have gotten their fill of snorkeling and swimming on the beach, they can head to Caño Island to see coral reefs, humpback whales, several species of dolphins, manta rays and sea turtles, not to mention a huge array of fish and even manatees.

The island is a popular ecotourism destination as well as an important site for marine scientist who study wildlife in its natural habitat.

Relaxation Time

In the end, though, many tourists choose Playa San Josecito and Drake Bay because it offers the quiet and seclusion they are seeking.

Although there are plenty of visitors, the area remote area doesn’t get the level of tourist traffic that other parts of the Costa Rican coast attract, so there is lots of opportunity to sit back and relax, unbothered by others.

Visitors will not find huge crowds, but they won’t find a great deal of amenities, either, which is just fine with a certain type of traveler.

If seclusion and relaxation are on the vacation checklist, Playa San Josecito is an ideal location to find them.

Getting to Playa San Josecito

Playa San Josecito is treasured for its secluded, romantic location. Going hand in hand with remoteness is the challenge of choosing transportation to the peninsula.

Fortunately, there are plenty of modes of transport to be had, starting by flying into the main airport in the Costa Rican capital of San José.

Next, visitors will hop a flight to Palomar Sur, hail a taxi to Sierpe then take a boat to Playa San Josecito.

If getting there is half the adventure, tourists will be off to a great start! For those who enjoy a longer boat ride, visitors can take a boat from Dominical in the northern part of the province down to Drake Bay.

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Where to Stay near Playa San Josecito

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