Hatillo, North Puntarenas

Dominical road next to Hatillo
Dominical road next to Hatillo

The country of Costa Rica has something for everyone to enjoy. Visitors looking for world class surf, luxury, spa destinations, pristine beachfront to explore, and exciting sightseeing adventures in the cloud forest will find all this and so much more in Quepos Costa Rica and beyond. There is sure to be a place in the country with something to tempt you, no matter what your personal travel tastes might be. If you are looking for a quiet, laid-back community that moves at a slower pace with easy access to undeveloped beach front, then Hatillo is the place you have been hunting for.

An Overview of Hatillo

Hatillo is a relatively small town that boasts a surprising degree of diversity. Many of the inhabitants of this community originally came from El Salvador, Nicaragua, or China. Visitors are welcomed warmly to this relaxed hamlet. Interestingly, the name for Hatillo comes from a special ancient variety of cattle that were grazed here during the first half of the 18th century.

Reaching Hatillo

Located on the Costanera Highway just five miles north of Dominical, Hatillo is where you can find significant stretches of wonderfully undeveloped beach. This is a perfect haven for people searching a part of Costa Rica where nature is undisturbed; Hatillo is enjoyed by photographers and video makers as well as by nature lovers and people looking for an unhurried place to relax and unwind. The nearest airport is in Quepos, 20 miles north. A few different airlines operate daily flights between the Quepos Airport and Liberia or San Jose. Driving from San Jose to Hatillo takes about four hours.

Although Hatillo is easily accessed by road and air, it remains a quaint village with a relaxed attitude and is truly one of the best places to see Costa Rica at its most natural.

Dining on the Town

The restaurant scene in Hatillo has lots to offer visitors looking for classic Tico-style cuisine. This rustic native style of cooking reaches new heights of sophistication and taste thanks to careful preparation by the skilled local chefs. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to experience the genuine traditional cooking of Costa Rica; you are sure to discover invigorating new dishes that you have never tried before. Mingle with locals at the downtown restaurants and bars; be sure to take a turn on the dance floor found in many nightlife hotspots.

Recreation on the Beach and in Town

There are many opportunities for recreation found in and near Hatillo, including surfing, swimming, sports, hiking, fishing, kayaking, zip lining, mountain bike tours, birdwatching and more.

In town, visit the recreational center for a basketball gym, ice rink, and municipal park; this is the perfect place to get in a little exercise without wandering too far out of town. If you have an afternoon free, consider catching some world class surf on some of the nearby beaches. Beaches like Playa Guapil, Playa Hatillo, and Dominical Beach boast some of the best surfing waves in the world; this is the ideal location to perfect your skill at riding the waves.

If you want some recreation that is off the beaten path, consider heading into wetlands at Playa Guapil for some kayaking or fishing. You can also enjoy hiking, biking, and much more in and around Hatillo; there is the perfect activity for you no matter what your preferred level of adventure might be.

Nature lovers will find a haven to explore in Hatillo. Native species of birds can be spotted in the trees and undisturbed woodland areas near the town. These spaces also offer wonderful opportunities for photography.

Explore the Beauty of Hatillo

No matter whether you are looking for world class surf, luxury spa destinations, pristine beachfront to explore, or exciting sightseeing adventures in the cloud forest, there is a spot in Costa Rica that is perfect for you. Hatillo offers everything from dining to surfing to visitors, so schedule a visit to this community the next time you visit Costa Rica.

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Things to Do near Hatillo

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