Bahía Salinas , Guanacaste

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Located in the northwest corner of the province of Guanacaste, Bahía Salinas is a remote city situated near Costa Rica's border with Nicaragua.

This popular tourist destination is known for the tremendous wind it often receives as well as the breathtaking views of the bay and undeveloped, beautiful beaches.

What To Do

Bahía Salinas is great place to visit because it appeals to travelers of all interests. Those who simply care to relax and take in Costa Rica's natural beauty will feel at home in the community, while more adventurous travelers can take advantage of the exciting surfing and kite-boarding opportunities at the beach.

Winds are constantly funneling through Bahía Salinas, with the strongest gusts typically occurring between November and March. The combination of the regular wind pattern and the beautiful sandy beaches at the bay make it a perfect place for children and teenagers to take surfing and windsurfing lessons while parents look on from the shore.

In addition to these recreational opportunities, other popular activities at Bahía Salinas include sunset boat tours, mountain biking, kayaking and fishing. In addition, because of its proximity to the Nicaraguan border, travelers will find Bahía Salinas to be an excellent gateway destination for day tours of the neighboring Central American country.

For travelers who enjoy birdwatching, Bahía Salinas is just a boat ride away from Isla Bolanos, which sits in the middle of the bay and is a national wildlife refuge. This island is home to the brown pelican, American ostercatcher and a number of other birds. The island, which is one of the driest areas in Costa Rica, does not permit visitation between December and March. During other months, visitation permission needs to be obtained from the Park Service in San Jose or Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa National Park

Santa Rosa National Park, which is also situated close to Bahía Salinas, is home to an impressive 250 different bird species. The entire park covers nearly 500 square kilometers and is also home to three species of monkey, the white-nosed coatis and a number of sea and land turtles.

Getting To Bahía Salinas

Located approximately an hour and a half away from the city of Liberia, Bahía Salinas can be accessed by taking a bus from La Cruz to El Jobo. These buses run three times per day.
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