Arenal Volcano National Park, Alajuela

There is no denying that the Arenal Volcano National Park is one of the most spectacular sights in Alajuela.

Experience the majesty of Costa Rica firsthand and see one of the most iconic volcanoes in existence today up close.

While the volcano has not exhibited any activity recently, scientists still believe that it Arenal is not dormant. There is a good chance that it may return to its previous majesty at any time.

Worth a Visit

If you find yourself in the area, and you want to see a sight with a little power behind it, consider an exciting and scenic trip to the national park surrounding Arenal.

Of course, the park is perfectly safe to visit. If the volcano ever is at risk of erupting in a way that could pose a danger to guests, an evacuation would be held far in advance.

The Park’s Two Volcanoes

Many visitors do not realize that Arenal National Park is actually home to not one, but two volcanoes.

In addition to the volcano from which the park gets its name, Chato Volcano is also found within the park boundaries. Unlike Arenal, this second volcano’s peak has collapsed, creating a brilliant emerald lagoon.

While Arenal may be the more famous of the two volcanoes, Chato is far more unique and offers a sight you could not expect from a volcano.

Additionally, Chato is surrounded by lush and humid forests, which house pleasant hiking trails which can range anywhere from three to five kilometers.

Old Lava Trail of 1992

Once through the forest, you can reach the old lava trail, which was created in 1992. The lava trails provides unique views of every landmark in the park, including Arenal, Chato, and Arenal Lake.

While you may come to Arenal National Park to see Arenal Volcano, be sure to take the time to see everything Chato Volcano and the surrounding landscape have to offer.

The Beautiful Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano is considered one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the world. It has a perfect cone shape, and clouds commonly roll in at the volcano’s peak.

It provided breathtaking displays of light and heat as recently as December 2010. Lava would regularly flow from the volcano’s mouth and cinder blocks would tumble out.

At night, it was possible to see the mountain’s fury contrasting the dark backdrop of the night sky.

The volcano has not erupted in such a vibrant and stunning way since, but it is still considered active. In fact, scientists believe that Arenal is the fourth most active volcano in all of Costa Rica. There is no question that it is one of the most beautiful, even if it does not erupt like it once did.

Arenal even has a fascinating and extensive history. At the Arenal National Park, you can learn about how it has been viewed with awe for centuries. The Pre-Columbian tribes looked to the volcano with wonder and considered the area sacred.

Visit Lake Arenal

While you are visiting the expansive Arenal National Park, you can also see the beautiful sight of Lake Arenal.

This massive body of water located near the volcano is the site of an extensive hydroelectric project. In fact, this lake alone generates 40 percent Costa Rica’s hydroelectric power.

Because the lake neighbor’s Arenal, you can see the impressive Lake Arenal Dam, learn about how Costa Rica generates power cleanly and efficiently, and see the sun set over the water.

Come to La Fortuna and experience everything Arenal National Park has to offer.

See both of the powerful and majestic volcanoes nestled between the Guancaste and Tilaran mountain ranges, as well as vibrant forests, beautiful lakes, and more.

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Things to Do near Arenal Volcano National Park

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