Cultural Activities in Heredia

Costa Rica is well known for its beautiful landscape, but it also offers a beautiful culture as well. It would be pretty hard to be unhappy living in a place that surrounds you with so much beauty and the lightheartedness and friendliness of the Ticos proves that. There is so much to do and see in Costa Rica, as a visitor and as a local, and Heredia province is no exception. The diversity of the culture is so fun to take in, and you’ll start to feel like part of the community, even if you are there for a short time. Heredia is so rich in culture that you’ll need to plan ahead!

Language Schools & Universities

Heredia has a large student population, as it hosts several universities. The students are made up of a local and international group, which adds an even more unique culture to the area. National University is the local; it is one of the most prestigious schools located in Costa Rica. For visitors who are looking to learn Spanish Heredia is the perfect place to find the perfect language school. Tourists also can head to the university and browse the announcement boards to get a feel for the local area’s culture, and to see what events are coming up.

Coffee Tours

Coffee is very important to the Costa Rican economy, and touring a coffee plantation is a great way to see into the daily life of Ticos. On a tour, you’ll get to see the farm and learn how they coffee is planted and harvested, and you’ll also be able to do some taste testing. There are usually shops as well, so you can purchase a cup of your favorite coffee, and get some to go.


The Museum of Popular Culture is located in Heredia and gives visitors a look at what life was like in Costa Rica in the early 1900s, through displays of culture and fashion. The museum was built inside an old farmhouse that was once the home to former Costa Rica president Alfredo Gonzalez Flores. The old farmhouse itself is a structure of historical significance, as it was made with the bahareque technique that uses sticks and mud.


Heredia continues the Costa Rican tradition of hosting large, beautiful churches that represent the past, and give the present residents a place to gather and worship. Two of the most prominent churches in the region are the Church of the Immaculate Conception and the Barva Basilica.

The Church of the Immaculate Conception has the honor of being the country’s oldest church. The church is in a central location, surrounded by urban centers, so it is a high traffic area that is easy to get to.

The Barva Basilica is a historic building that has been around for almost 250 years. Keep a look out for the eye-catching courtyard, which is tiled in red.


Most of Costa Rican's are mad about soccer and Heredian's are no exception. Most follow their local team called Club Sport Herediano also known as 'El Team' one of the best teams in Costa Rica and in 2015 they won the national championship. Going to a local soccer match at the local Eladio Rosabal Cordero stadium is a great way to look at Costa Rican culture while having a blast at the same time.


March and September are big months for celebration in Heredia. In March, the locals celebrate Dia de San Isidro Labrador, which is a festival that uses parades and markets to give thanks and receive blessings from the patron saint of the peasant. This takes place mid-month, so if you are planning a trip to Costa Rica this is a good event to attend.

Around the entire country, the population unanimously celebrates Independence Day in mid-September. There are parades and festivals in all the major areas, and you’ll see many people in costume. If you are going to be visiting on September 15th, you might want to learn the national anthem of Costa Rica!

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