Cultural Activities in South Puntarenas

Those that visit South Puntarenas might be tempted to just wonder Corcovado National Park, or relax in the small beach towns, and who could blame them? The area calls a stunning 23 miles of shoreline home, and features several ecosystems to explore. You could spend three days hiking and camping through Corcovado, and that would be an amazing trip, but you would be missing out on some great cultural activities if you never emerged from the rainforest.

If you have a full schedule, and can’t put aside any dedicated time for a cultural experience, you can still soak up as much as you can just when you are out and about or when you are traveling to your next adventure. If you have time to take a morning or evening walk, just stroll around and watch how the Ticos interact with each other and with tourists. There is no better way to get an authentic feel for a country’s culture than to simply people-watch.

The culture in South Puntarenas is diverse, and reflects a mix of Mesoamerican, South American, and Spanish influences. This mix of cultures makes South Puntarenas an excellent spot for a getaway that is rich with history and welcoming locals.

If you can’t decide between exploring the outdoors and exploring the culture, fear not; you do not have to decide! There are activities that you can do where you can be outside, and explore the culture in South Puntarenas. Check out Caño Island, Osa Peninsula and Drake Bay to explore historic, and mysterious, rock spheres and formations.

If you left some time in your schedule to sneak away from exploring the landscape, there are a few ways for you to fill the time with cultural activities. These are great plans for any traveler, whether solo, with family, or on a romantic getaway.

Learn to Cook Something Exotic

You will not be disappointed with the food in South Puntarenas, but it would be a shame if you left all that great in Costa Rica, never to be experienced again. That does not need to happen though! You can elect to take a cooking class while you are visiting, to learn how to make your favorite Costa Rican dishes! Whether you are a passionate, experienced chef, or you are still a little clumsy in the kitchen – there are classes for everyone. Bring back more than photos of your vacations; cook up an awesome Costa Rican dish for your friends to eat while they watch your vacation slideshow.

Learn Some New Moves

Take some Spanish dancing lessons while in South Puntarenas, and you’ll be ready to hit the town every night! Can you think of another place more exciting than Costa Rica to learn some new moves? You can literally learn the moves during the day and then go test them out at night. Whether you are a natural dancer or a complete novice, there are classes available for everyone. You can learn the salsa or the merengue during your time in Costa Rica. Dancing lessons will help you burn off some of the calories you eat during your cooking class, too.

Language Schools

While all those other classes sound fun, you may want to consider first taking some language classes – these will enhance all your other experiences! The heart and soul of the culture in South Puntarenas is going to lie in the language, though. While you won’t end up fluent in Spanish after a few classes, it might be a good way to start your trip, and prepare you for all of your Costa Rican adventures.


If you are lucky enough to be in South Puntarenas in February or September, you can take part in a couple of the local and national celebrations. In February, the province hosts the Los Diablitos Games. This event involves fireworks, dancing and masks to help depict a famous fight. In September, Costa Rica celebrates its Independence Day, and they will be celebrating in South Puntarenas with parades and festivals.

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