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The advent of globalization and Costa Rica’s growing reputation as a top notch tourist destination has made speaking Spanish very important. Learning to speak Spanish in Costa Rica is a unique experience because here one can learn this beautiful language amidst some of the most exotic and amazing locations in the world. With its incredibly varied landscape, diverse flora and fauna and brilliant natural locations, Costa Rica is the ideal setting in which to learn how to communicate in a language that speaks of a relaxed and laidback lifestyle.

Learn to Speak Spanish from Scratch

Across the country you will find many educational opportunities and intensive language schools that will help you on your quest to speak Spanish better, or learn to speak Spanish from scratch. You also have more than 24 accredited Spanish language schools at your disposal as well as many other intensive language schools that are not recognized, but equally good. Depending on how serious you are to learn how to speak Spanish, enrolling in an intensive language school in Costa Rica is a great place to learn not only a new skill, but also the lay of the land and the wonderful Tico heritage and culture found here.

Tips to Improve your Spanish

Most Costa Rican language schools have 3 basic Spanish levels; beginner, intermediate and the advanced courses, with a few schools also offering specialized subjects like business Spanish, Spanish poetry, etc. To get some excellent information about language schools in Costa Rica go through our website, contact the Union of Spanish Language Centers or go through the advertisements in the English language newspaper ‘The Tico Times’.

Usually classes can be taken on a weekly basis. However, it is highly suggested that you enroll for a class of a minimum of 3 weeks. If you stay on for a 5 week class, your grasp over the language will be really great, as the longer you study Spanish the more familiar, the more practiced and the more fluent you will be.

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Where to Go to Learn Spanish

Home stays are a wonderful way to also help you learn how to speak Spanish. By staying with a local Tico family you will not only get the opportunity to practice what you learn, but you will also get the chance to widen your horizons. Another option is to share an apartment with a local so that you can absorb the culture, while a third option is to get a job. The latter is more difficult though as you need to have some basic Spanish understanding. Offering a friendly and comfortable atmosphere you can take Spanish courses not only in San Jose but in towns like Alajuela, Heredia, Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo and Puerto Limon, where a distinct Caribbean influence can be felt.

Learn Spanish & Enjoy

Learning to speak Spanish will not only help you travel across the country with very few problems, but will help you live like the locals. Take a class on a gorgeous beach while learning to surf, or the in lush Central Valley for an experience like no other. Though English is widely spoken in the bigger and more touristy towns in Costa Rica, learning Spanish will help you visit any part of the country with complete ease.

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