Eco Tours in Heredia

Encompassing a petite portion of the Central Valley and the Central Cordillera range, Heredia lies in the south of Nicaragua. A major portion of its territory lies in the northern lowland. The province is famous for its world-class botanical gardens, butterfly farms, volcanoes, coffee farms and exciting island nightlife. Travelers will be delighted by the many eco tours offered in the region. Perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers, eco tours in Heredia offer a true tropical experience.

Barva Volcano

One of the most famous attractions of the region is the Barva Volcano with its green pastures and great hiking trails. The fertile southern slopes of the Barva Volcano are populated with coffee plantations. Nearby is the beautiful Sarapiqui River, lying amidst green pastures the river offers plenty of sport activities. The river offers various water activities like whitewater rafting, rappelling and the interesting floating safari. Starting from the Braulio Carrillo National Park, the floating safari will take you to the lower rich region of the Sarapiqui River and its tributaries. The surrounding area is abundant in fauna and offers stunning vistas.

Other Eco Tours

Eco tours in Heredia will take you to the popular Braulio Carrillo and Tapanti National Park. These parks are packed with a plethora of wildlife and exotic birds. A bird watchers paradise, these parks with their thick forestation are home to a large number of rare birds. These eco tours allow you to experience and appreciate nature to its fullest. Creating awareness while at the same time also educating visitors about the potential threats faced by the beautiful natural resources and how to preserve them.

Eco lodges and hotels lie in close proximity and offer various lodging options while practicing sustainable tourism. Forests in the area have reforestation projects and are ideal for birding and wildlife viewing. Experienced guides will take you on guided tours of the rainforests. Heredia offers a plethora of activities for both nature lovers and adventure seekers. Here you can indulge in various activities like canopy tours, biking, horseback riding and hiking.

The elegant province of Heredia makes a great base camp when you are touring Costa Rica. Offering enchanting scenery with beautiful waterfalls and lush nature parks, it contains some of the most recognized eco-friendly places in the country. Eco tours in the region will also allow you to make a difference as you indulge in various volunteer conservation projects.

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