Eco Tours in Cartago

Although it is the smallest of Costa Rican provinces, Cartago is still the richest in colonial tradition and has some of the greatest biodiversity. The varied landscapes of the province have given it a number of microclimates that range from lush forestation to verdant orchid gardens. The region is highly visited by eco-tourists and nature lovers mostly for its national parks, rivers, colonial ruins, rafting adventures and bird watching opportunities.

Many Options

An exposé of responsible tourism, eco tours in Cartago involve exploration of the rich sights and sounds of the country, its culture and historical background. As part of a sustainable form of tourism, eco tours in Cartago offer bird watching opportunities along with wildlife viewing and various adventure activities. The dense forestation, magnificent waterfalls and rugged terrain offers exhilarating adventure and thrilling exploits.

Eco Lodges

Start your vacation at the eco lodges and hotels in Cartago. These hotels allow you to experience nature in its purest and are an ideal retreat for seclusion seekers. Set amidst acres of lush tropical forest and coffee plantations these lodges offer eco-friendly accommodations.

Eco Activities

The eco tours in Cartago will take you to various hiking trails that will lead you up to enormous craters of Irazu Volcanoa. From here you can enjoy the breathtaking views of Pacific and the Caribbean. Further up the trails will lead you to the beautiful Lankaster Gardens . These botanical gardens have over 3000 species of plants and orchids. You can also head to the roaring Sarapiqui River or the wild Pacuare River for some great kayaking and canoeing. Surrounded by lush vegetation, the river beds are teeming with wild life and offer excellent bird watching opportunities. The eco tours will also take you to the Talamanca Mountain Range, where you can hike the lush trails and enjoy the tropical beauty of Cartago.

Where to Go

Eco tours in Cartago offer fascinating adventures. There are several famous parks in the area that are protecting the natural resources of the region and several stunning areas worth a visit. These include the Tapanti National Park, Chirripo National Park, the Turrialba volcano, the Volcano Cordillera Reserve and the Orosi valley. The eco lodges and hotels in Cartago suit every budget range, offering various activities like horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, kayaking, trekking and coffee tours. Experienced guides are present on every eco tour to make your experience worthwhile.

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