Getting Around in Heredia

Costa Rica is a place for exploration, and while there are many extraordinary place to explore in the country, there is only one place like Heredia. This beautiful Costa Rican province is just a few kilometers north of the capital San José, and it is widely known for being richly green, for its stunning, towering mountains, and for its many rivers.

This stunning area in Costa Rica is great for tourists, and it is easy to walk to most of the main attractions, like the central park in downtown. If you choose to walk during your time in Heredia, you’ll be able to get an authentic and unique take on the area, and you’ll have plenty of time to explore and take in the sights. Walking means you’ll be on your own time, and that you can change your mind and your itinerary as much as you want. The city is easy to navigate since the main shops, restaurants, and cafes are conveniently located close together. You should wear comfortable shoes though, since the area does have some hills that you’ll have to walk. Just count it as some extra exercise!

Heredia is a great place to stay because it offers an alternative to the busy life of San Jose, and while there you can visit National University.


There are some destinations in Heredia that will require you to get transportation other than your feet, including the national parks, colonial towns, and port towns.

Braulio Carrillo National Park is easy to access from Heredia, as well as the colonial town of Barva. The town is a nice place to stop on your way to or from the park. Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui is a port town that is great to visit if you are seeking an outdoor or water adventure.

Buses and Taxis

To get to these destinations, or to any area in or around Heredia, you have the option of using public buses or taxis. The buses run daily and nightly, and go between Heredia and San Jose. There are frequent buses on this route, but you should plan ahead by checking the schedule for the day and time that you expect to need the bus. There will be less buses available in off-peak hours. The bus is a great option since it is inexpensive, and it means you don’t have to deal with traffic! The bus system in Costa Rica is a well-oiled machine, so you’re safe using this mode of transportation; the buses are well maintained and clean. If you’re staying in Heredia and just using the bus to get around and travel short distances, buses will be a budget saver. You might have to sacrifice air conditioning, and deal with stopping at a few posts, but this will give you time to chat with your traveling partners or make new friends. You’ll want to look for bus stops near you, instead of for a central bus station. Just plan to pay the drivers when you get on the bus.

If you need transportation that is a little less scheduled, you can opt to take a taxi. Cabs are very common in Heredia, inexpensive, and convenient for those that don’t want to rush to make the bus. Just look for taxis that are officially labeled, and check with the driver before getting in to make sure they know how to get to your destination. Some cab drivers might be able to connect with your destination more if you are able to provide landmarks or distance to/from a landmark, so try to pay attention to your surroundings to make getting around easier.

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