Getting Around in Alajuela

If you’re planning to travel to Costa Rica, you should plan on exploring Alajuela. This province is one of the country’s largest, and it features a lush, green landscape as well as some of the best attractions for locals and tourists alike. It is one of the most frequently visited places in Costa Rica, but there are enough attractions – and there is enough space – for everyone! The Arenal Volcano, the Poás Volcano and the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge are some of the more popular tourist destinations here, while many travelers also visit towns like Sarchí, known for famous wooden handicrafts and souvenirs.

Modern City

Many places in Costa Rica are remote, and there aren’t roads that are safe for cars or public transportation so it is difficult to get to those places. Alajuela, the province’s capital city, isn’t one of those places, though. It’s a modern city located near one of the country’s main international airports, Juan Santamaría, that offers a great hub for travel through Costa Rica. San Jose can get crowded, and it has a busy city vibe, so many people like to travel in and through Alajuela instead since it offers less crowding and noise. Though more laid back, the city has still integrated a convenient public transportation system that works really well for tourists. Since the city is developed, the roads are in great condition. The roads are always full of affordable public transport options that run frequently and offer comfortable passage for everyone. You can even stay in Alajuela but take day or night trips to San Jose so that you can experience the best of both cities.

Since the roads are in such great condition, your best bet for getting around in Alajuela is by using those roads. As a traveler, you will have several options, including renting a car, taking a taxi, or using a public bus.

Create your route

If you are looking for efficiency and aren’t too worried about budget, you can rent a car. This way, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want; you can make and keep your own schedule. Rental car agencies are frequent throughout Alajuela, and throughout the close by San Jose. Having your own car is one of the best ways to get out and enjoy the natural beauty all around you on a self-guided tour of the Costa Rican countryside

Take care of Budget

If you are more concerned with having budget-friendly transportation options, you can consider the bus schedules and the taxi costs and availability. A bus is going to be the best option to save your budget. The buses depart from terminals and can take you to the airport or to many of the neighboring towns, villages and national parks. If you catch the bus at the Alajuela Bus Terminal you can head to Ciudad Quesada or San Carlos, and if you catch the bus at Ciudad Quesada you can visit the Arenal Volcano and the towns of La Fortuna, Nuevo Arenal and Tilarán.

If you are going a short distance around Alajuela, a taxi is a great option. The drivers will know exactly where they are going, they are available on demand, and they are affordable – just be sure to set a fare before you accept a ride. You should be able to easily find an available taxi in the cities. Try to use a rental car or a bus if you are going to be traveling longer distances.

No matter how you choose to travel through Alajuela in Costa Rica, you’re certain to be in awe of the beauty around you and the friendly locals.

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