Getting Around in Cartago

Cartago is a great place to visit in Costa Rica, and what’s even better for the traveler is that it is really easy to get around in this area. Cartago is the ideal place to launch an exploration and discovery mission to Central Valley, and it’s conveniently close to San José. Cartago is an ideal province for travelers that want to kick back and get a little rest and relaxation; the area offers a tranquil atmosphere with a pleasant climate, and the surrounding landscape offers some of the country’s most stunning views. The lush surroundings are a stark difference from the close-by San Jose, and the atmosphere couldn’t be more different. In San Jose, you’re exposed to the hustle and bustle of the busy city – which is a great experience – but in the Cartago region, life is slower, more laid back. Here, the locals enjoy the natural environment, and the tranquility that it offers.

If you are planning on visiting Cartago during your stay in Costa Rica, then you should plan to get ahead and research your options for getting around. There are a few options, and it will all just depend on your travel budget and on what you plan on doing.

When to Use Public Transportation Tours

If you’re going to be in Cartago for a little while, you may want to consider using a sightseeing tourist bus to help you explore. This option has plenty of perks, including free hotel and airport pickup and drop off services. That can definitely save you some money! Saving money will be the name of the game with sightseeing buses, since you won’t have to pay for any transportation or gas. If you are traveling with children or seniors, you can also check to see if there are any discounts available. If you are staying at a local hotel, they might have a partnership with the bus company – check to see if there are any discounts available.

The sightseeing buses are also safe and comfortable – not to mention stress-free. You won’t have to purchase and try to read maps, or try to drive around in unknown areas. Getting lost could end up costing you an entire day’s adventure. Instead, you can toss your luggage onto the bus, load up, and enjoy your day.

The buses are also safe and convenient for your luggage. If you are just arriving in the region, there is no need to stop at your hotel to drop your luggage off, since you can leave it on the bus safely and securely. This is truly an inclusive travel option for visitors. If you choose to use the sightseeing buses to get around, you can count on seeing all the main tourist attractions and destinations in the province of Cartago. The air-conditioned buses operate on a fixed routine of departure and arrival schedules which ensures that you get everywhere on time – this is really important if you are trying to catch a plane!

When to Rent a Car

You can’t rent a car in Cartago, but San José is close enough that you can rent your car there and drive right over. Cartago is a developed area, so there are safe roads leading into and out of the province. Having your own car means you get to be on your own schedule to see all the great sights, including the Volcanoes Irazú and Turrialba, the Lankester Gardens, the lush Orosi Valley, the Guayabo National Monument and the Rios Reventazón and Pacuare. Many car rental agencies will conveniently drop off your rental car to your hotel. Sometimes there is a fee for this service, but sometimes it is free. Best to check ahead of time and consult your budget before reserving a car.

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