Getting Around in South Puntarenas

The South Puntarenas area in Costa Rica is secluded and beautiful, and offers visitors a little bit of everything with some of the most pristine stretches of coastal rainforests and stunningly remote beaches. This is a top pick for travelers that are looking to visit a place that is different from anywhere else they have ever been. This region delivers on that promise with some of Costa Rica’s most impressive natural wonders, including the gorgeous Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park - regarded as one of the most biodiverse places on earth! This unique destination is a delight for all, and offers fantastic water activities, from surfing to sport fishing.

One thing that every traveler must think about is how they are going to get around once they get where they are going. If you’re heading to South Puntarenas while you’re in Costa Rica, you might want to consider going the safe route of making Drake Bay or Sierpe your base camp. These areas are perfect for any traveler since they offer plenty of hotels and accommodations that can suit any budget.

Getting Around to Corcovado National Park

The Corcovado National Park is a popular destination for those visiting the South Puntarenas area, despite there being few roads that lead to this fairly remote area. If you’re already in Drake Bay, you’re on a good path since it is one of the main entry points to the park. If you instead fly into Palmar Sur, you’ll have a bit more traveling to do to get to the park. First, you’ll need to make arrangements to drive down to Sierpe. From there, you’ll need to catch a boat or hire a water taxi to take you to Drake Bay. Of course from there it’s pretty easy to access the Corcovado National Park; you can simply take a boat or hike your way over to the ranger’s station located at San Pedrillo.

There are other ways to get to the park, depending on what your Costa Rica itinerary is. Taking a domestic flight is affordable, straightforward, and doesn’t take too much time. You can fly in from Carate or Puerto Jimenez – which also makes a great base camp since there are plenty of affordable hotels lodges and cabinas for travelers to book a room at. Another alternate route to take to get to the park is to drive down from Neily. This is a tricky option, though, since you will encounter some poorly maintained roads. Best to leave this option to those that are familiar with Costa Rica.

Getting Around to Golfo Dulce

Another popular way that travelers spend their time in this region is by touring the Golfo Dulce. If this is on your list, the best place to stay will be Golfito. This former banana port is still bustling, and is most known for having excellent sport fishing. The fishing helps make this area popular, but it is also a great place to stay in general. There are plenty of accommodations for visitors to choose from, including those for short stays and those for longer stays. While exploring the area, tourists will find that there are several wonderful and authentic restaurants to take their meals at. There are also convenient tour guide offices located locally. The area also has other conveniences, such as a hospital and a bank.

To get to Golfito, you can take a domestic flight directly in from San José. If you need a break from flying, have a little extra time, or just want to see the landscape as much as possible, you can take a bus in from San Isidro or Neily. From Golfito head 15 km south to the beach town of Zancudo, which has some good hotels and lodges to stay at. If you are interested in surfing go south to Pavones, considered by many to have the best surfing on the Pacific Coast of Central America.

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