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Pura Van - Campervan Rental

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Located in:
Alajuela, Alajuela
Starting at $85 (USD) / van
Suggested Nights Stay: 1 to 3 Nights

Pura Van is a campervan rental company located at Costa Rica! Funky campervans with all the equipment & comfort to do a camping road trip around Beautiful Costa Rica.


Our Campervans
Our Campervans

Pura Van artistically decorated Camper Vans have all the equipment you need for an incredible camping adventure in Costa Rica! Ideal for groups of friends, surfers, adventurers, families, couples, freedom lovers, explorers, etc.

Discover the exuberant nature of Costa Rica with the peace of mind that this fun campervans will offer you all the comfort you need! Freedom and autonomy at an affordable rate 100% guaranteed.

Spacious and comfortable for 5 passengers!

If you are an adventure lover and you like to explore Costa Rica Driving & Camping ... Pura Van is the perfect option for you!

Drive your Adventure!

Key Features

BRATSI camper Van
BRATSI camper Van
  • Freedom & Comfort while driving
  • Obligatory Insurance Included
  • Accessible Rates
  • Pura Van Assistance 24/7
  • All Camping essential amenities included
  • Storage space
  • Comfort for 5 passengers
  • Pick up at JS international airport included
  • Drop Off at JS International airport Included
  • Free Mileage
  • Additional camping Amenities available
Starting at $85 (USD) / van
Suggested Nights Stay: 1 to 3 Nights


Airport Pickup
GPS Available


What is the real Pura Van campervan rental Adventure? Autonomy, Freedom, Adventure!


AMUBRI camper Van
AMUBRI camper Van

What is included with your Rate?

1. Collision Damage Waiver (obligatory)
2. Third-Party Liability Insurance (obligatory)
3. Cleaning Fee
4. 24/7 Pura Van Assistance
5. Pick Up / Drop Off at Juan Santamaria International Airport
6. 5 Passengers at the van (Maximun)
7. Free Mileage

What about Amenities?

Roof Top Tent up tp 4 guest (Size 1.95 cm wide x 1.90 cm long) maximum weight 350KG
Batery Light Bulb
First AID Kit
Roof Water Pipe
Towing Sling
Gas Stove / 1 gas canisters
Folding Table + Folding Chairs
Small Sink with 10L Water Tank
40L Cooler
Cooking Species Set
Liquid Soap Holder + Biodegable Soap
Cooking Napkin Holder
Kitchen Towel

Kitchenware for 4 guest
Cooking Utensils
Pots / pans
Multi-purpose corkscrew
“Chorreador” Costarrican Coffee Maker
Plastic Colander

As you can see... Pura Van provide you with the essentials to have a good time! You just need to worry about getting groceries, drinks & Enjoy!

Starting at $85 (USD) / van
Suggested Nights Stay: 1 to 3 Nights


Pura Van campervans are comfortably adapted to travel and live 5 people during the roadtrip camping adventure.

In the back of the van, you have the kitchen area; which is completely adapted with all necessary equipment for cooking, species set, biodegradable soap, a sink with a water jug of 10 liters, gas stove, a "chorreador" (costarrican coffee maker), work area, pots, crockery , cooler, etc.

The inner part of the Vans camper, are artisitically decorated and adapted for 5 people to comfortably travel, also have a storage compartment.

The sleeping area is a roof top tent, where 4 adults can sleep comfortably; the roof top tent has an annex that can have a varied use; where one of them is an additional room where you can place a mattress for 2 people. Pura Van roof tents are 100% waterproof! each window has a double layer and a mosquito net.

In addition each campervan, has an outdoor awning and a water tube of 25 liters; plus all the necessary implements for a camping trip!

Motor 2.5 Diesel
Manual gear box

Location & Map

San Jose Metro Map
San Jose Metro Map
Pura Van - Campervan Rental is 50 metros este de Asoteletica, Calle Bosque Encantado - Los Lagos del Coyol, La Garita - Alajuela


Season Date FromDate To 
High SeasonDec 1April 30
Green SeasonMay 1November 30
What is included in your rate?

Collision Damage  Waiver (obligatory)
Third-Party Liability Insurance (obligatory)
Cleaning Fee
24/7 Pura Van Assistance
Pick Up / Drop Off at Juan Santamaria International Airport
5 Passengers at the van
Free Mileage

VAN GLAMPER Rate : Includes all the camping amenities for an adventure road trip full of confort! Where the only things you have to worry about is getting to Costa Rica, pick up the Van & start enjoying your journey; you do not have to bring anything extra! Everything is provided to you!

VAN CAMPER Rate: Includes all the basic camping amenities for an Adventure journey! We Will provide with the essentials to have a great time; although we also give you the option to selecte special amenities packages to add more comfort to your route,
Satellite Map of Pura Van - Campervan Rental