Grecia, Alajuela

Nestled in the foothills of the Cordillera Central mountain chain, you’ll find Grecia, Costa Rica, a small farming community with some big attractions. This picturesque town is about 20 minutes north of Alajuela city and offers some of the most incredible scenery anywhere. Surrounded by mountains bursting with green foliage, the Grecia landscapes unfolds across rolling fields. Stop along the way for amazing views of the communities and valleys that stretch out below the town and the mountains that rise above it.

Restaurants Abound

Don’t let the size of this town (about 17,000 inhabitants) fool you. Grecia has a variety of restaurants, cafes and markets that cater to visitors with menus featuring tempting traditional dishes and grocers featuring fresh local fruits and vegetables. You can grab breakfast, lunch and dinner while you’re in town to see Grecia’s impressive museums, metal church and nearby waterfalls.

Area Museums

Perhaps the biggest draw to Grecia, Costa Rica is the World of Snakes, known for its amazing collection. If you’re squeamish about snakes, the area also offers a butterfly arena and a regional museum. Here are some of the attraction of each. World of Snakes is located about a mile out of town on an older path to Alajuela is where you’ll find this collection of snakes from all over the world. More than 50 species are among those on display here, including several native species. Visitors can safely watch these creepy-crawlers in their natural habitats, and see if they can tell which are poisonous and which aren’t. The Butterfly Farm, on the south of Grecia is an insect and butterfly habitat with an astounding number of different insects and butterflies, more than 50,000 species in all. You are sure to be amazed by the range of beautiful hues and intricate wing patterns of these creatures. Grecia Regional Museum offers a View area of implements and artifacts and learn more about the culture, traditions and history of the area. Natives identify themselves as “Ticos” in preference to the stilted and awkward “Costarricenses.”

Cathedral de la Merced

You might think this is a red-brick church at first glance, until you get close enough to see the seams in the Cathedral de la Merced. This church is constructed with sheets of metal, imported from Belgium in the 1890s. Like many churches, it includes beautiful stained-glass windows, sashes and white trim. The interior is just as amazing. Painted white with wooden accents, you may wonder how in the world the builders included vaulted ceilings, curving arches, gingerbread trim and more in the gothic architectural style.

Los Chorros

The lush, unspoiled beauty of Grecia landscapes begs you to explore; you can start at nearby Los Chorros, a pair of natural waterfalls in a regional park. They’re an easy walk from the parking area, and worth the effort. If you do go exploring, be sure to get a good map and stick to it; not all roads are on the maps and it’s easy to get lost.

Mild Weather

If you’re looking for the most comfortable place on the planet, this is it. Grecia weather is always mild, offering temperatures consistently in the 80s, with cooling breezes year-round. The sunny climate makes this region the perfect spot for growing sugar cane, pineapples and organic coffee, which makes this area an essential agricultural hub of Costa Rica. Growing and harvesting these major crops is the occupation of many local Tico families. Friendly and helpful, natives welcome you to their home, where they will work their way into your heart.

Friendly natives, Grecia weather and unique attractions make this town a must-see when planning a trip to Costa Rica. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact Go Visit Costa Rica through our website contact form. We’d love to hear from you.

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