San Jose North, San Jose

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With its central location and excellent all year round weather, San Jose is the ideal place to stay at, especially if you are interested in touring the country. Nestled in the lush and beautiful Central Valley, this city exudes a warmth and charm that is all its own. Offering both luxurious and affordable accommodations, San Jose also has a number of fine dining establishments, restaurants, eateries, food stalls, bars and clubs making the nightlife here quite active and giving this city a colorful atmosphere.

Northern San Jose is one of the more popular areas in the city. Encompassing the three neighborhoods of Barrio Amon, Barrio Otoya and Tournon, this part of San Jose is known mainly for its old historical buildings.

Barrio Amon & Barrio Otoya

Located just north of Downtown San Jose, these two picturesque neighborhoods sit side by side in the city’s historical district. Known for its old colonial style buildings and beautiful mansions, both Barrio Amon and Barrio Otoya were during their prime the richest neighborhoods in San Jose. Areas where most of the elite used to live, today many of the coffee baron mansions here have been converted into quaint hotels, restaurants, cafés, art galleries, antique shops, boutiques, intimate bed and breakfasts and offices.

With its close proximity to downtown San Jose, these two areas are quite popular among the more well-informed tourists. As there are a lot of Bed & Breakfast’s here, the area is perfect for those who need a nice place to sleep and grab a quick breakfast. Oases of tranquility close to the heart of the city, both Barrio Amon and Otoya showcase much of San Jose’s colonial culture.


Lying just north of Barrio Amon and Barrio Otoya, this district serves as the entrance to San Jose proper. A largely quiet area, there are a few big hotels located here in Tournon as well as some nice restaurants and shops including the El Pueblo Tourist Center. A five minute walk from downtown, this exclusive area is also home to a large private university.
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