San José North, San José

Travelers to the northern part of San José are often trekkers who are looking to explore more than one part of Costa Rica during their trip.

There’s plenty to see here, so visitors who aren’t in a rush might want to consider hanging around for a while, or making this city an exclusive trip of its own.

Lodging, dining and entertainment are set up to accommodate a wide variety of budgets, so income constraints shouldn’t limit one’s ability to explore and have a good time.

This area is also a perfectly central location for travelers looking to take tours out of San José proper.

The weather is comfortable during all seasons, making it a choice travel destination no matter the time of year. As luck would have it, the people are just as warm as the weather, and a stay in San José North will be full of local hospitality.

Exploring the Surrounding Area

Tourists planning to venture to San José will find museums and markets to leisurely peruse. Downtown San José isn’t excessively large, but there’s a lot of fun packed into a small place.

Travelers with children can take them to the zoo, or wander the local markets and pick up an authentic snack at a food kiosk.

For those planning to stay in town long enough, Spanish classes are recommended. Brushing up on local language skills can enhance the quality of a traveler’s overall experience. What better way is there to make a friend than to casually include the use of some local phrases? After enjoying what San José has to offer, moving around the rest of the country is easy.

The San José bus station has carriers that provide transportation all around the country. Bus tours are also available for those who wish to explore the city with a guide.

Colonial Architecture

Wrapped in the rich foliage of Costa Rica’s central valley, the northern part of San José is a magnet for visitors. Of the many viable options in San José North, there are two distinctly charming neighborhoods that warrant a visit.

The neighborhoods of Barrio Amón and Barrio Otoya are prime locations for San José North small boutique hotels, particularly for visitors who plan to take tours. Both areas have an old-world quaintness that date back to a historically nostalgic era.

The colonial architecture gives one an authentic sense of how the wealthy lived in a previous time. Spacious homes and ornate accents on building structures speak to the genteel nature of the original residents.

Many of these chateaus have since been converted into lodging, dining establishments, corporate buildings and San Jose North theaters. The Spanish architecture gives the entire area a charming, old-town feel.

Things To Do

Barrio Tournón is another neighborhood to consider for prospective lodging.

Home to a large, local university, this area is north of Amon and Otoya. This community is located at the entrance to the principal city of San José.

For tourists who prefer to stay at a larger establishment, Tournón also has larger hotels to accommodate each traveler’s preference.

San José North hotels are widely recognized as comfortable and enjoyable establishments. The area is also full of bed-and-breakfast establishments for a cozier feel and a light morning meal.

San José North theaters provide lively entertainment, and the city has a vibrant and colorful nightlife.

San José North and the surrounding area will leave you with unforgettable memories. Whether one elects to spend a vacation here or venture throughout the Costa Rican countryside, San José North offers many delightful attractions for the enjoyment of the whole family.

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