San Jose West, San Jose

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Initially a much smaller city in terms of land area, San Jose has grown a great deal over the years. Now a vibrant and thriving urban center, San Jose today is divided into many districts that are spread out over a vast area. With each district unique in its own right, San Jose has a lot to offer with many museums, restaurants, theatres and cinemas dotting the landscape.

West of Downtown San Jose lies the more newer neighborhoods of La Sabana, Rohrmoser, and Pavas. Just sitting on the outskirts of the city, these neighborhoods are wealthy affluent areas with all the modern comforts and conveniences. With easy access to the Escazu and Santa Ana areas as well, most of the people who live here are form the upper strata of society.

La Sabana

Many years ago this area used to house the main airport in San Jose. However, today, La Sabana has been converted into a large and beautiful park area, where one can visit many ponds and playgrounds as well as the fascinating Museum of Costa Rica Art. A huge park with plenty of lovely fountains and various sports facilities, many Ticos come here for picnics and outdoor concerts. A largely quiet residential area, La Sabana has a number of museums, restaurants and fine hotels. The new National Stadium also sits on the west of the park opposite from the Art Museum. This is a very impress venue that is used for concerts, soccer games and more.

Rohrmoser & Pavas

Tree-lined avenues and quiet streets line both the neighborhoods of Rohrmoser and Pavas. Both these areas have a variety of small bed and breakfasts that are great for the traveler just looking for a warm bed to spend the night. Rohrmoser district is where most of ambassadors tend to live alongside a number of affluent Tico families. A very nice and posh area, there are some fine schools and restaurants located here. Pavas is where the Tobias Bolanos Domestic Airport is located. This small airport is within 30 minutes of the Juan Santamaria International Airport.
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