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Selina Monteverde

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Starting at $8 (USD) / night per person
Suggested Nights Stay: 4 to 5 Nights

Selina Monteverde offers a place to rest while exploring the many natural beauties of the area. Accommodating to all types of traveling groups, you can find a room or dorm that best fits your needs. Take advantage of the tours and activities nearby that showcase the tropical cloud forests and mountains of Costa Rica.


Outdoor Jacuzzi overlooking the cloud forest at Selina Monteverde
Outdoor Jacuzzi overlooking the cloud forest at Selina Monteverde

Looking for the perfect place to stay and enjoy the sights of Costa Rica? Selina Monteverde offers comfortable rooms and dorms with great views. The famous Monteverde Could Forest and the Tilarán mountain range are the highlights while staying at Selina Monteverde. Travelers can enjoy their stay while having the freedom to explore the natural beauty. There’s plenty to see nearby, and some of the best places in Monteverde are within 5 miles of the hotel!

One of the most popular locations for visitors is the Cloud Forest Biological Preserve, where you can enjoy the rich biodiversity of the forest. Over 2,500 plant species can be found here, along with many rare species of animals and insects. Selvatura Adventure Park and Monteverde Butterfly Gardens are also very popular destinations. If you want a place that’s beautiful and packed with things to do, this may be the perfect location for you.

Monteverde is known for its natural beauty and attractions, as well as its rich history. The warm weather and incredible natural attractions won’t cease to amaze explorers. Selina Monteverde offers many places for you to lounge and relax in the Costa Rican weather.

With so many options available, the hotel staff can help you find tours, events, and excursions that are appealing to you. Each unique experience can help develop an appreciation and love for Monteverde. Don’t forget to look for the vibrant wildlife in the area. You can find colorful birds, frogs, and butterflies that will take your breath away. Grab your camera and see what Costa Rica has to offer.

While you’re at the hotel, you can enjoy every moment of downtime. The open spaces to lounge and talk create a fun, energetic atmosphere. The unique architecture and design of the rooms add to the experience. The hotel accommodates parties of all sizes, including single travelers and families.

Selina Monteverde seeks to give complete satisfaction to its visitors. The rooms are made to be convenient and comfortable, and each comes with access to free Wi-Fi. Come to the restaurant for delicious food and stop by the bar for a few local drinks. With so many options and amenities, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Key Features

Restaurant & Bar at Selina Monteverde
Restaurant & Bar at Selina Monteverde
  • Great Hostel for backpackers and families alike
  • On the way to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
  • All Non Smoking Rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Great place to meet other travelers & backpackers
  • Yoga & wellness activities
Starting at $8 (USD) / night per person
Suggested Nights Stay: 4 to 5 Nights


Family Friendly
Hotel near Forest
Internet Available
Restaurant On Site
Smoke Free Rooms
Wi-Fi Internet
Yoga Center


Unique Room at Selina Monteverde
Unique Room at Selina Monteverde

Selina Monteverde offers a variety of rooms to fit your traveling needs. Each comes with free Wi-Fi, linens, and towels.

Standard Twin – A pair of explorers can enjoy this cozy room. With two twin beds and a private bedroom, it is an inexpensive choice for small groups.

Private Shared – Get your alone time with this arrangement. A stylish, private room with a shared bathroom helps save money but maintains privacy.

Standard Room – Enjoy your time in Monteverde in a comfortable private room. A queen-size bed and private shower make this room an enjoyable place to lounge in.

Deluxe Room – Get the complete Selina Monteverde experience in the deluxe room. These spacious rooms have a plush king or queen-sized bed, sofas, and chairs. Some deluxe rooms even include a private balcony overlooking the tropical forest.

Unique Room – Looking for an even more luxurious experience? The unique room is comfortable and comes with a private bathroom. It also includes a balcony, garden, or private pool.

Triple Room – Three traveling buddies can enjoy their experience in a triple room. Plan on settling down for the night on a bunk bed and twin-size bed.

Quadruple Room – Whether you are traveling with your family or friends, this room has space. The chic area holds one bunk bed and two single beds.

6 Bed Dorm – Selina Monteverde welcomes all visitors. We offer a 6-bed dormitory room that gives you your own bunk complete with a personal shelf, locker, and light.

8 Bed Dorm – Enjoy your stay at the hotel in one of the bunks with your own place to sit and store your items. Each dorm is artistically designed and roomy.

10 Bed Dorm – You can save money and enjoy a high-standard hostel experience. A personal shelf, locker, and bunk are yours.

Starting at $8 (USD) / night per person
Suggested Nights Stay: 4 to 5 Nights


Let Selina Monteverde help you find the best places to explore. You can experience new adventures and see rare plants and animals. Discover what Costa Rica’s forest reserves and native wildlife have to offer.

Sky Tram + Trek - If you are looking for a thrilling experience that will take you to new heights, this tour is a fantastic choice. The adventure begins in an open-air gondola, where you can admire the incredible mountain range. Once you arrive at the observation area, you can spot the Arenal Volcano and the Gulf of Nicoya in the distance. Soon after, explore the area by ziplining across the canyons, mountains, and treetops. The exhilarating ride passes through some of the richest areas of Monteverde. The tram and ziplining make the ride fun and exciting.

Sky Walk Guided - Take the Sky Tram and admire the beautiful trees, wildlife, and landscape. This tour allows you to sit back, relax, and travel through the stunning forest reserve. A bilingual guide travels with you and points out the unique features and characteristics of the land around you. Once you arrive at the observation points, you can admire the Arenal Volcano, Gulf of Nicoya, and other stunning sights.

Selvatura Canopy Tour - The Selvatura Canopy Tour is full of exhilarating experiences. With 13 transport cables and 19 platforms, you can reach great heights and explore the forest canopy from all angles. If you are feeling extra adventurous, take your turn on the Tarzan Swing. Attached to a security rope, visitors can jump from the platform and swing through the forest. This activity costs extra but can be included in the tour.

Take advantage of the many adventures available in Monteverde.

Tours Offered

Bird Watching
Butterfly Farm
Family Friendly Tours
National Park / Reserve Tours
Wildlife Viewing


Prices Starting at $8 (USD) / night per person
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Location & Map

Monteverde / Santa Elena Map
Monteverde / Santa Elena Map
Selina Monteverde is located on the way to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.
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Satellite Map of Selina Monteverde