Monteverde, North Puntarenas

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Most famous for being associated with the Reserva Biológica Bosque Nuboso Monteverde or the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, the tiny community of Monteverde is a small village located near the entrance of the cloud forest. Monteverde which means ‘green mountain’ in Spanish was founded by the Quaker community that migrated from North America to Costa Rica in the 1950’s. Though not an actual village as many of the homes spread out over a large area, this village has now developed itself to cater to the huge number of tourists that pass through here.

Untouched Forest

Upon your arrival in Monteverde you will find that much of this village remains untouched by modernity, and most of the people here still lead rural lives. In town, which is actually Santa Elena, there is a bank, where you can exchange your money and travelers checks, as well as withdraw cash. There is also a pharmacy, local hospital, book store, gas station, ATM machine, police station, and post office in the area as well. A number of supermarkets, internet cafes, restaurants, and bars have also opened up; mostly to serve tourists who pass through town.

Much To Do in Monteverde

As the weather here is quite chilly and misty, due to the village being high up in the Tilaran Mountain Range, do bring some thick clothes and a light jacket to stay warm. A lovely and peaceful place perfect for those who enjoy nature, the village of Monteverde is actually a dairy farming community that makes some of the best cheeses in Costa Rica. When here, do remember to try out the delicious local cheeses, which are a treat to eat.

If you are a bird watcher, this village offers some lovely bird watching opportunities, even though you are not in the cloud forest itself. However, if you prefer to do the more touristy thing, visit the local craft centers, the women's co-op center, the butterfly garden and the Hummingbird Gallery in town.

Multiple Cloud Forest Reserves

Near by Monteverde, just through Santa Elena, is another cloud forest called Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve. This forest is smaller but just as beautiful as the Monteverde reserve. It is a great option if you want to visit a second cloud forest.
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