Sixaola, Limon

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The tiny border town of Sixaola lies in the southeastern region of Costa Rica in Limon province. The main banana producing region of the country, most of the bananas from here are imported to various countries all over the world. The major cash crop of this area, many of the people who live in Sixaola are banana farmers, who work on plantations owned by huge banana production companies out here.

This tiny frontier town links up with the Panamanian border town of Guabito by a bridge, and is frequently used by tourists who wish to travel from either side of the international border. If you plan on going across the bridge, do remember to bring your passport with you. Like any other border settlement, there is not much to do in Sixaola itself. The town has a few noteworthy services and facilities and the accommodations and hotels here are basic and simple. Besides a few sodas (local bars) and restaurants, there is nothing much in town except the colorful town market, where one can buy anything from food and clothing to local arts and crafts.

Outside of town amidst the dense forest landscape, Sixaola provides some wonderful opportunities for bird watching enthusiasts to see many of the country’s native birds in their natural habitat. If you like, you can also hire a guide and go for a canoe ride along the Sixaola River to the mangrove swamps lying at the river’s mouth. However, do be careful out here as the currents can get quite dangerous. This boat trip will allow you to see a totally different side of Costa Rica and presents some nice fishing prospects as well. It is important to mention here to stay away from the Panama side of the river, as the border police here are not very friendly.

To get to Sixaola, you can drive here from San Jose city via the Guapiles Highway to Puerto Limon. From here take the lovely costal road south to Cahuita and pass the surfing town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca on the way. Get to the town of Manzanillo and then go another 34 kilometers until you reach Sixaola.