Dos Brazos, South Puntarenas

Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve
Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve
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The gold-mining village of Dos Brazos is nestled a few miles up near South Puntarenas’s largest river Rio Tigre, off the main highway. The friendly little town of Dos Brazos was born off the gold passed down by Rio Tigre. Now a tourist destination, worthy of mention, this farming town is capable of keeping you occupied for days with its grand rivers and amazing waterfalls.

The village remained popular in the old days with gold diggers and apparently has a very bright history. Gold seekers from all over the region came in leaps and bounds to Dos Brazos in search of the riches. Even today the village speaks loud of its gold-culture.

Dos Brazos is set midst of the protected zone of Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve. The area is a paradise for birdwatchers and various species of exotic birds can be seen here. There are two rivers close at hand that can be explored on either horseback or hiked to. Its lush forestation hides a number of waterfalls, tributaries and trails that traverse the land leading to old mining routes. The inshore waters of Golfo Dulce boast a variety of fish and offer several fishing adventures.

A few miles beyond Dos Brazos is the private sanctuary of Bosque del Río Tigre offering spectacular views of the forest and some very interesting tours to the gold-digging locations as well as trips to the river valley. Bosque del Río Tigre is a treasure trove for eco-tourists and a premier birding destination of Osa Peninsula.

You can also head to the nearby Piedras Blancas National Park for some excellent birding and exciting activities like hiking, kayaking and horseback riding. The famous Crocovado National Park is just a hike away from the village and offers an amazing variety of flora and fauna.
Scheduled buses leave for Dos Brazos from Puerto Jiménez on daily basis. You can explore the area by renting a bike at one of the several companies offering mountain bikes for rent.

Accommodations are easy to find in Dos Brazos as there are plenty of lodges with cozy cabins in and around the village. These rustic lodges evoke an atmosphere of the old gold-rush town and have their own spacious open-air restaurants that serve international cuisines. You will also find an eco-lodge or two in the area along with the popular tent lodge of Rio Nuevo.