San Rafael de Escazú, San José

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San Rafael de Escazu is one of the three communities making up one of the most affluent neighborhood in San Jose. Each of these three towns has their own distinct character along with a beautiful old church and a patron saint. Sprawled across the San Jose area, San Rafael de Escazu overlooks the Central Valley and offers a more tranquil alternative to the noisy city life. High rising condos, fancy restaurants and upscale accommodations are spread all over the town.

Lowest in elevation and lying closest to San Jose, San Rafael de Escazu is nearest to the freeway. Ultramodern although slightly congested, this classy suburb is dotted with nice residential areas, shopping plazas and chain restaurants. Modern development covers the town entirely and scores of expansion can be seen all around the town. This includes shopping malls, chic restaurants, night clubs and plazas. This modern growth of San Rafael de Escazu has resulted in scores of tourists and wealthy foreigners coming to settle in this small town.

Recent years have seen San Rafael de Escazu expanding its range of accommodations. The area has a wide array of accommodations which range from B&B inns to luxury hotels, colonial-style inns and resorts. These offer personalized services, pick and drop facilities, spacious gardens, pools and saunas. Many of these hotels and restaurants offer panoramic views and day trips to botanical gardens, hot springs and San Jose museums. About a kilometer uphill in the south the town merges with San Miguel.

There are several bars and cafes that dot the town and are popular hangouts for the young Ticos. Apart from that the town has a couple of theaters that show international releases, as well as art galleries, language schools and bowling areas. The town is also home to some of the finest restaurants in the country.

San Rafael de Escazu is well connected to major highways and makes an excellent choice for travelers vacationing in San Jose Valley. Public transport is the cheapest and the most efficient way to travel in this area, offering you a convenient option for travelling to and from the nearby major attractions. Dry climate, great highway access and being close to the international airport have made San Rafael de Escazu popular amongst foreigners and real estate developers.