Coto 47 Domestic Airport, South Puntarenas

Costa Rica River
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Located in the south of the Puntarenas province, near the border with Panama, the Coto 47 Domestic Airport is the best way to get to places like Pavones, Sabalos, Neily and Playa Zancudo, which are often hard to reach by car due to their remote location. Many people who travel into Costa Rica by bus or car from Panama, often use the airport facilities at Coto 47 to fly themselves to San Jose, where they can then catch an international flight out of the country.

Only charter planes are available to fly here. The Coto 47 Airport is some 7 km southwest of Neily, with a scheduled bus leaving to and from the airport 6 times a day.

The Finca 40 is the main bus to the airport from Neily, while there are plenty of 4WD taxis available outside the airport to take you anywhere.

The accommodations in Neily are quite basic, with a number of restaurants in town offering good food. Serving as the hub for African palm oil plantations in the south, Neily has some wonderful caving opportunities.