Visit the museums of Costa Rica

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Due to Costa Rica's high standards in education and its long history of peace and prosperity, the country boasts a wide selection of museums that appeal to a broad spectrum of travelers.

While the majority of these cultural centers are found in the Central Valley, particularly in the capital city of San Jose, many of the museums of Costa Rica can be found in some of the country's more rural regions as well.

For instance, many of the Costa Rica's national parks and natural landmarks have their own individual museums that give tourists a chance to learn more about what they've seen during their time at the site. Some of these museums are dedicated to the abundant wildlife, including the turtles of the Playa Grande, allowing travelers to further understand the diversity of Costa Rica's animal population.

Local Culture

In the city of San Jose, the museums of Costa Rica are an ideal place for travelers looking to enrich their knowledge of the local culture. At the National Museum of Costa Rica, visitors can experience the history of the country from the pre-Columbian times to the present. Archaeological discoveries give clues about the earliest people that inhabited the country, from the type of clothes they wore to the tools they used in constructing various objects.

For the children, the Costa Rican Children's Museum contains a number of interactive displays that help educate them in various fields including astronomy, ecology, human life and even communications. Throughout the museum's 39 rooms, children can hear life-size robots tell the stories of some of the most important figures in the country's history.

Finally, at the Juan Santamaría Museum, tourists can learn the fascinating history of one of Costa Rica's most beloved heroes. Santamaria is known throughout the country as the man who saved the independence of Costa Rica, after he helped fend off the advances of William Walker, who sought to make the country part of the U.S.

Free History & Culture

Many of the museums of Costa Rica are free to enter, while others charge small admission prices. With the accessibility and large number of museum's throughout the country, travelers should spend some time to really learn about the nation's history and what makes it so unique.  

Costa Rica museums are an ideal place for travelers looking to enrich their knowledge of the local culture.