Famous Artists

Francisco Amighetti La Niña y el Viento - courtesy of www.franciscoamighetti.com
Francisco Amighetti La Niña y el Viento - courtesy of www.franciscoamighetti.com

Costa Rica is famed around the world for its stunning natural landscapes, remarkable biological diversity and peaceful, welcoming locals.

However, the Central American country is also renowned throughout the art world for its legacy of creative talent, including painters, sculptors and writers.

Visitors spending time in the capital of San Jose can explore this rich cultural legacy at one of the city's many museums and galleries.

World Famous Art

Costa Rican artists have made significant contributions to the art world.

For example, Francisco Amighetti, one of the country's most prolific and influential artists, rejected the teachings of European traditionalists in favor of bolder styles such as Surrealism, changing the landscape of Costa Rican art forever and inspiring a whole generation of creative talent.

The legacy of Costa Rican art is visible everywhere, even to visitors who have never set foot inside one of the country's many galleries and museums.

Ibo Bonilla's works have gained significant international acclaim for their bold, striking features and innovative use of space.

Bonilla designed some of Costa Rica's most striking buildings, including the Radiotherapy Center of Irazú, the Ibero American Geriatric Clinic and the Bank of Cathay of Costa Rica. His sculptures are displayed in many galleries throughout the country and abroad, and several public gardens throughout the country are decorated with his striking work.

Amazing Architecture

Costa Rican architecture boasts several influences, from traditional Spanish colonialism to bold, Cubist designs.

This serves as an example of how the changing face of Costa Rican art has evolved throughout the past two centuries to become one of the most unique and distinctive representations of Latin American culture.

The essence of Costa Rican art embodies the same exotic color that defines this tropical paradise.

Many of the country's most famous artists use striking combinations of form and color that echo the diversity of Costa Rica's landscapes, and the unique blend of cultures found throughout the country often informs artists' choice of patterns and textures. Whether paintings, pottery or textiles, the art of Costa Rica draws heavily on the vibrant sense of joy that permeates the Costa Rican lifestyle.

With such stunning and diverse scenery, it is little wonder that many Costa Ricans felt inspired to capture their sense of awe through art.

A tour of Costa Rica's many galleries is an ideal way to experience another side of Tico culture, and learn more about this fascinating country.

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Costa Rica is renowned throughout the art world for its legacy of creative talent.