Government & Private Conservation Programs

Ballena National Marine Park
Ballena National Marine Park

Costa Rica is one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world.

With more than 25 percent of Costa Rica considered protected land, it is little wonder that conservation of the landscape and the creatures that inhabit it is such a priority for the country.

Sustainable Tourism

One national initiative that has helped Costa Rica strengthen its position as a world leader in environmental conservation is the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) program.

Under the CST, businesses across the country can demonstrate their commitment to preserving the environment and sustainability.

The CST has five levels of certification, and since the program's introduction in 1997, officials in Costa Rica have been working to expand the coverage of the initiative to encompass the entire country.

Blue Flag Ecology Program

Another nationwide project that has been enthusiastically adopted across Costa Rica is the Blue Flag Ecology Program. This initiative is a joint venture between the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, Ministry of Environment, National Water Service, Ministry of Public Health and the National Tourism Chamber.

Thanks to the Blue Flag program, visitors spending time on Costa Rica's pristine beaches can rest assured that every precaution is being taken to preserve the country's beautiful coastline.

Elsewhere, the National Biodiversity Institute is a nonprofit organization working to learn more about biodiversity management. This group and its work are highly regarded in scientific circles, and the center itself is located just outside the capital of San Jose, offering curious visitors a convenient way to discover the complexities of Costa Rica's ecosystems.

In addition to these national projects, the Costa Rican government also offers private companies and nonprofit organizations generous financial incentives to help repopulate the nation's forests.

These programs enable the sustainable farming of raw materials while ensuring that the delicate balance of nature is preserved with minimal impact to the environment.

The Costa Rican government is not the only organization actively protecting the country's natural habitats.

Many groups see the value of preserving the stunning rainforests, virgin coastline and diverse wildlife, and are working tirelessly to ensure that disruption to the country's fragile ecosystem is minimal.

Costa Rica is one of the hottest ecotourism destinations in the world, and thousands of visitors come here every year to lend a hand in preserving this tropical paradise.

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Conservation Programs has helped Costa Rica as a world leader in environmental conservation.