Visit the Museum of Insects

General insects hall at Insects Museum in San Jose
General insects hall at Insects Museum in San Jose

During your trip to the downtown San Jose area, devote an afternoon to learning more about the numerous species of insects that make this part of the world their home. The Bugs Museum is the perfect spot for an unforgettable learning experience about this region’s insect population. Visitors can see how each bug makes an impact in its habitat and go beyond the basic facts about Costa Rica’s diverse population of incredible creatures.

Basic Info

The Bugs Museum can be found inside of Costa Rica University in San Jose. It’s located on the main campus inside the School of Agribusiness. The collection is located in the basement of the building, and you’ll need to ring the bell to enter. Visitors are welcome to the campus and can tour the museum from Monday through Friday. The museum’s operating hours are only in the afternoon, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. It’s possible to see everything in the museum in about an hour, so you could schedule your visit in between other sites near downtown San Jose. Best of all, the museum is completely free for all visitors, giving anyone a great way to experience the best of Costa Rica on a budget.

Get a Lesson on Entomology

Entomology enthusiasts and even those new to the fascinating world of bugs can all find something of interest at the museum. Here are some of the ways the Bugs Museum entertains and enthralls visitors from around the world:

Gem-Colored Collection of Costa Rica’s Beautiful Butterflies – The colors of Costa Rica are preserved for eternity with a massive display of some of the most striking butterflies in the world. Pick out your favorite and make a new memory.

An Impressive Display of the Famous Costa Rican Tarantula – The giant, gentle beast has been terrifying visitors for years. Learn more about the hand-sized giant insect and see why it’s important to the biodiversity of the region.

Gigantic Moths Local to the Region – The humid climate of Costa Rica is perfect for some of nature’s most incredible moth specimens. Be impressed by the wide wingspan of some of these creatures.

An Array of Central America’s Flying Insects – The Bugs Museum gets you up close and personal to some of Costa Rica’s other memorable bugs, such as wasps, beetles and bees.

Enhance Your Visit With a Trip to the Leonel Oviedo Reserve

After spending time among the museum’s preserved specimens of insects, take your tour one step further by venturing outside into the nearby Leonel Oviedo Reserve. Here, you’ll see some of the most common Costa Rican insects live and up close. With the information from your museum visit and your new appreciation of the insects of this area, your time out in the reserve will be much more meaningful.

The History of the Collection

One of the reasons why the Bugs Museum of Costa Rica is such a rich experience is due to its affiliation with the higher education community. This institution has been part of the University of Costa Rica since its founding in 1962. Alvaro Willie was the original director of the museum and aimed to bring the best of Costa Rica to all of its local residents and visitors. He joined together with a team of scientists and bug experts from around the world to develop the museum’s signature collection of insects. Today, the museum proudly shows a growing collection of more than one million species and may even be considering an expansion for the future.

Going to Costa Rica means you’ll be experiencing an entirely new environment of exotic creatures. Learn more about the insects of the area by visiting the Bugs Museum in San Jose.

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