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The three most active volcanoes in Costa Rica right now (in 2014) are the Irazú Volcano, the Poás Volcano and the Turrialba Volcano. Each volcano has a unique history... [More]
Costa Rica is one of the few countries in the world that doesn't have an army. In fact, the abolition of the Costa Rican military was drafted into the country's constitution in 1949! However, the country does have an interesting military history...[More]

Recently I took the plunge and went on an amazing white water tubing tour in my homeland of Costa Rica. What an adventure! My adventure took me down the Rio Negro river...[More]
These animals may look cute, but I advise you to look past their cuddly fuzzy coats and little button eyes...[More]
Sometimes you find a cool shell at the beach and your day has been made. Well, what if you would've found one of THESE crazy things. The ocean is a place of unexplored beauty and mystery, but at times that mystery gets upped to the next level...[More]
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