Delicious Costa Rican Food - Photo Gallery

Check out our almost-good-enough-to-eat photo gallery of all the delicious food that Costa Rica has to offer! We recommend that you eat first, though.

Our food photographs are sure to make a hungry person want to eat their computer. Bon appétit!

While Costa Rica is most well-known for its beautiful landscape and diverse plant and animal life, the cultural food should not be overlooked.

From fresh fruits to traditional, regional dishes, there is enough to keep any traveler happy.

Visitors that are staying at one of the many hotels across the country are likely to be treated to a traditional breakfast of fruit and coffee.

Local restaurants will be happy to serve you up some Gallo pinto with eggs, veggie casado, focaccia caprese, pomodoro pasta, chicken casado, or Olla de Carne. And they won’t skimp out on dessert either! Fresh chocolate goes into making some of the most scrumptious desserts, including chocolate brownies.

In Costa Rica, you can also pick up cold coconut water and fruit from stands on the side of the road.

There are also tons of open markets to explore where you can pick up fresh coconuts, watermelon, star fruit, and passion fruit. All that fruit comes in handy at the bars too, where it is used to make fruity cocktails and tropical mojitos!

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