Bars in Cartago

Cartago is a more quiet province, where you can do plenty of exploring. Located in Costa Rica’s Central Valley, this region is lush and gorgeous with soaring mountains, beautiful gardens, verdant farms and the lovely national parks. In the northeast of Cartago looms the active Irazu Volcano, the largest active volcano in the country. You can climb to the summit of this volcano to enjoy some breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Cartago is also known for its fantastic whitewater rafting at Turrialba. Here you can raft on the Rios Reventazón and Pacuare for an incredible ride.

Loving Beer

There are not too many bars in Cartago province. However, there are a number of places where you can get a drink along with your meals. Most towns and villages in Cartago have plenty of restaurants, eateries and sodas, which serve alcoholic drinks such as beer and guaro. Most Ticos like to drink beer at the end of the day, after a hard day’s work. Imperial beer is the national beer in the country and is brought and sold nearly everywhere. For something a little more stronger, try guaro, which is a distilled sugarcane alcoholic drink, that is colorless and quite sour.

Where to Get a Drink

You can find a number of sodas and restaurants in Cartago and the Central Valley, where you can grab a drink. In Turrialba, you can find a number of restaurants and bars. One reason for this is Turrialba is a popular destination with tourists, who come here to whitewater raft down the Rio Reventazón or the Rio Pacuare. There are plenty of accommodations and sodas in town, where you can get a hot delicious meal along with a beer. Many hotels and inns in the area of Cartago, which have restaurants on their premises also serve drinks as well. There is also a nice restaurant where can get a drink while looking out to the beautiful Cachi Lake, it is called La Casona del Cafetal located in Cachi. The restaurant, its food and the atmosphere is one of the best in the entire province of Cartago.

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