Weddings in Cartago

Cartago is a beautiful landlocked province of Costa Rica, and while you can't enjoy a beachside wedding, there are plenty of romantic places to venue your Costa Rican wedding. It's home to a delightfully historic basilica where many couples have their weddings and where one million Costa Ricans travel to embrace the healing and protective powers of La Negrita (Black Madonna), patron saint of Cartago. Beyond this iconic church, there are an abundance of historic buildings in the city of Cartago, the country's former capital.

If you've never imagined yourself having an indoor wedding, Cartago is home to the epic Irazu Volcano, lush valleys and plenty of beautiful floral escapes - a natural sea of flowers is much more vibrant than any man-made bouquet could ever be.


Cartago's largest city shares the province's name, and is home to a number of romantic escapes, perfect for a wedding that has a true Costa Rican flair. The Black Madonna, Cartago's patron saint, is based on the legend of a woman who came across a small stone image of a Madonna standing on a large stone. This same villager found the stone multiple times, finally locking the stone in her jewelry box, but when she looked at it a second time, the stone was gone.

Today, you can experience the legend yourself through a visit to the gorgeous Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, which was built over the rock where the Black Madonna first appeared. If you are set on hosting your wedding at the basilica, make sure you don't plan it on or near August 1. Every year, more than one million Ticos make their way from all over the country to commemorate La Negrita.

Orosi Valley

If you are looking for a more pastoral location, the Orosi Valley takes serenity to a new level. Although the valley winds through the city of Cartago, the surrounding hillsides offer beautiful agricultural backdrops to enjoy. The verdant hills surround the Reventazon River which winds down the valley to the sea. There are several roads to access the Orosi Valley, providing places for you and your guests to stop and take in the scenery.

Irazu Volcano

Think your love is filled with an incomparable passion? The Irazu Volcano is one of the most famous volcanoes in the country, and its plumes of smoke provide the perfect backdrop for a particularly amorous couple. Standing 3,432 meters tall, Irazu offers remarkable views and a unique moon-like landscapes around the national park, which shares the same name. For nature lovers, these craters offer the perfect flora or fauna escape, as you can catch a glimpse of coyotes, armadillos, woodpeckers and owls in the park that surrounds the stunning volcano.

Lankester Botanical Gardens

Botanical lovers may find it hard to cut some lovely orchids or other beautiful flowers for their boutonnieres or bouquets, so why not enjoy this vibrant vegetation while it is still in the ground? The Lankester Botanical Gardens in Cartago are home to a wide variety of rare orchids, many of which are very hard to spot in the wilds of the country. In addition to providing the sweet smells of lovely flora, the gardens also create the perfect ambiance for an intimate wedding ceremony.

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